Holiday Deals For Musicians 2012

It’s that time of year again – time for holiday electronic music gear deals!

This year, we dig out this heartwarming/creepy holiday illustration once again, and highlight the holiday deals on electronic music gear & software that you may want to check out. Note that these are limited time specials, so check the sites for details.

  1. Ableton – Save 25% on Live 8 and get a free upgrade to Live 9 when it is released.
  2. Acoustic Samples – 30% off through Dec 31st.
  3. AfroDJMac has a free Live Pack for you, based on a Charlie Brown Christmas snow globe.
  4. Applied Acoustics Systems – Buy (2) Professional Series instruments and get a 50% discount on each, thru 1/15/13.
  5. AudioRealism – 30% off all plugins & bundles, with the coupon code audiorealism-xmas2012.
  6. AudioThing – use coupon code XMAS12 for 20% discount!
  7. Beat Struggles – 50% off
  8. Best Service – buy one, get one free, through Jan 13th.
  9. BigFishAudio – sove 40% during their 25 days of Christmas sale.
  10. Binary Music – 50% through Jan 1.
  11. BlastwaveFX – 20% off through the end of the year.
  12. Blue Cat Audio – 15-30% off, 40% off for existing customers.
  13. BoomLibrary is running an ‘advent calendar of deals’.
  14. Chuck Russom FX has special pricing on all products through Dec 31st.
  15. D16 is having a Winter Sale through Jan 15th.
  16. Diginoize – save 50% through Dec 31st.
  17. EastWest – save 50% through Dec 31st.
  18. Fabfilter – 25% off on bundles through Jan 1.
  19. Five12 – discounts on all versions of Numerology, through Dec 25th.
  20. FXpansion has deals on Geist, DCAM Synth Squad, and Tremor.
  21. Hiss and Roar has a free sample library for you –  quirky little 247MB package of 24 bit 96kHz stereo sounds.
  22. Image-Line is having an End Of The World sale – all plugins $45 through Dec 31st.
  23. Iosono – special on Anymix Pro through Dec 31st.
  24. iZotope – save up to $947 on bundles
  25. Koma is offering a modular bundle through Dec 24th.
  26. Korg – 50% off iPad & iPhone apps
  27. Kuassa is offering 30% off any plugins
  28. Kudzu is offering Koushion MIDI Step Sequencer for 50% through the end of the year.
  29. LinPlug – 33% off instruments & effects through Dec 31st
  30. Loop Loft – 40% off through the end of the year (use SAVE40 at checkout)
  31. Loopmasters – 25% or more off on sample packs through Dec 31st.
  32. McDSP – Project Studio Special, $39 through Dec 20th.
  33. Metric Halo – deals on hardware & software through 12/25.
  34. MillerTone is offering an Ableton Live Pack, SYNDR volume 1 multi-sample library of the Synare PS-3, at a discounted price (39 vs 69) through the end of the year.
  35. MoReVox – 40% through Jan 6, use code XMAS2012.
  36. Musicrow – 40% off, through Dec 31st.
  37. Native Instruments – buy Komplete Audio 6 and get Guitar Rig 5 for free. Through Dec 31st.
  38. Native Instruments also has a couple of free Christmas presents for you, a free effects unit, Driver, and free remix decks for Traktor.
  39. Noisebud has a free VST plugin for your.
  40. Nucleus Soundlab – pay what you want (minimum $9.99) for 9 Nucleus SoundLab and TPSD ReFills.
  41. Ohm Force – 30-50% off
  42. – 25% off for Facebook friends
  43. Plugin Alliance – up to 60% off, through Dec 25th.
  44. Precisionsound is offering 50% off.
  45. Prime Loops – 50% off everything.
  46. Producer’s Choice is offering an XMas bundle for $117 off.
  47. Propellerhead is running a Holiday Countdown with specials each day.
  48. Reaktor Tips has Reaktor Tips instruments at reduced prices.
  49. The Recordist is offering a special ‘frigid’ sound library bundle deal, the Ultimate Winter Collection.
  50. Refx – has discounts on all its products
  51. Resonance Sound – 25% off all products, use code XMAS2012
  52. Roqstar has sound libraries for 50% off through Dec 31st. Coupon code YouROQ.
  53. Sample Magic has a free sample pack for you.
  54. Samplephonics – sale, 50% off, use code Xmas2012
  55. Sonic Arts – Granite for $49.
  56. Sonic Couture is having a WInter Sale through Dec 24th, see the site for details.
  57. Sonic Projects – up to 40% off.
  58. Sonnox – 40% off Oxford Limiter in Dec.
  59. Sony Creative – 25% off software
  60. SoundIron – 2 for 1 deals through the end of the year.
  61. Stretch That Note is offering two Christmas bundle specials.
  62. Swar Systems – 25% discount.
  63. Synapse – 25% off or more through Dec 31st.
  64. Teenage Engineering –  Every OP-1 purchased includes two accessories and worldwide shipping.
  65. Time+Space – special deals on ‘festive bundles & gifts
  66. Twisted Tools – 25% off through New Year’s, use code XMAS.
  67. Twisted Tools also has a free sample pack for you, featuring 20 drum kits, based on sounds from Twisted Tools S-Layer.
  68. The Unfinished is having a 50% off Christmas sale.
  69. Universal Audio – 20-60% off through the end of the year
  70. Sinevibes – Until 10th January 2013, its entire collection of Audio Unit plugins for OS X can be purchased for $99 (regular price $119).
  71. Tone Projects – 30% off plugins through Jan 11.
  72. ToonTrack – 50% of drum plugins
  73. Voxengo – 25% off all software
  74. Wave Alchemy – up to 50% off through Jan 15th.
  75. Waves is offering 50% off selected bundles.
  76. Wusik – Wusikstation only $9.99 and other bundles
  77. Yonac is running a ’12 Days of Yonac’ series of specials.
  78. Xils-Lab – winter sale through Jan 15th,
  79. Zero-G – 30% off download products

If you know of other holiday specials, leave the info in a comment!

Image: obi1kenobi1

29 thoughts on “Holiday Deals For Musicians 2012

  1. I would probably buy something if one of these deals was for hardware or physical item. I have all the software I need.

    1. You know…. $179 is really a nice price for a hardware synth – it’s almost in plug-in territory!! Cheers to M-audio for making a really affordable keyboard synthesizer (even if they cut a few corners and you may need to use a computer to edit patches.)

        1. Tim

          Fair criticism. We try to link to sources wherever possible and to provide proper attribution. The source I have for this is for obi1kenobi1, but the link we had for obi1kenobi1 is out of date.

          If you or anyone else has accurate attribution, I would be glad to update the post. Or if the original artist objects to its use, I will replace it.

          Thanks for your feedback.

  2. Great no hardware deals. VST as a Christmas present doesn’t quite have the same charm as a piece of hardware 🙂 ( see the boys face in the picture). As I have already bought Ableton and it does everything I need I am reluctant to buy a vst or a sample pack which is utterly worthless once downloaded. At least hardware has a resale value.

    The only vst I would buy is ABL’s 303 emulator, sadly no sale there. Still happy Christmas one and all.

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