MacBeth Synth Jam

Sunday Synth Jam: MacBeth Studio Systems’ Ken MacBeth designs and builds the instruments that he’d like to play – which he demonstrates in this synth jam.

Along with a few of his official creation, he plays a frankensynth, based around an old ‘scrap SH101’.

Technical details below.

via macbethsynthesizers:

Here’s an experiment that I did. I replaced one octave of touch keys that I’m working on on an old scrap SH101… works perfectly!….my next shot is to give the scrapper SH101 a full three octaves as opposed to the two and a half octave keybed. If this all works- the touch keyboard I’m going to do as a stand-alone will have this built is seq! The sequencer is driving the up and coming Micromac-D synthesizer and I also played here the prototype of the experimental NEXUS 1 analogue touch synthesizer!

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  1. Hands down the best synth maker right now and a man who will be receiving a lot of my money. He needs to hurry up and release the micromac D.

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