19 thoughts on “Ableton Push Beatmaking (Sneak Preview)

      1. Who the hell disliked his comment?? It was a hilarious, must have been using an iOS…anyway, you’re totally right. Though knowing Ableton, it’ll be like the reverse situation of the current RGB pad controllers that all DON’T have code written to sync clip colors with their pads, meaning Push’s firmware will probably make it a bitch to use this thing as a Monome like the Launchpad easily did. Though when I saw the software preorder deal details, I was wondering, does the fact that Max is now free with Suite 9 mean they had made it too expensive in the past, and are finally “doing the right thing” (doubtful), or are trying to make the included Max a selling point for Push because they’re gonna introduce a ton of integration between the two the way Max/MSP gave the Monome a real reason to exist?

  1. meh, i rather purchase the Midi Designer Pro App for my iPad and create my own controller to my liking. Push is not worth the money for me.

      1. People are too focused on gear being cheap.

        There’s enough cheap junk out there, and none of it compares to the quality of vintage gear from the 70’s and 80’s. This looks well made and way more powerful than things like the LaunchPad or APC40.

    1. This is pretty much whats happening in my head right now as well. I just finished paying off my Maschine, and now I want Push and 9 so bad. I already have Live 8 Suite, so the upgrade $ isn’t too bad, but the $600 for Push is gonna hurt.

  2. You get what you pay for. Felt that way every time I purchased the “real” synth. Now I have a collection of tools that work exactly as I expect them to. You only go round once, might as well have what you want as well as what you need. After all, this is music. You know what I mean. 🙂

  3. Sure, you can design your own controller for use on an iPad, but can you operate the functions of said controller without having to look where your finger is touching??? I want Push. Something where the physical touch of a knob or button offers some indication of the function in use; not a flat glass surface that I have to look at constantly in order to have any clue as to what I am operating…

  4. If Ableton have mixed the functionality of Maschine, with a hands on (lots less mousing around) experience I think they will have a winner. I’ve had a go with the Akai APC 40, the Launchpad, and a couple of iPad apps and despite them all being useful, none have completely won me over. Each controller has its own standout features, but none seem to do everything, and what each controller does not do is almost as important as what it can.
    I do think that if Ableton have got Maschine covered + step-sequencing this could be a game changer. I was intending to buy the old school (cheaper) Maschine, but since seeing the Push demos, I’m going to wait and see.

    1. Release: 1st quarter 2013.
      im already slightly bored with it. Launchpad with knobs and some extra shizzle you will find a hackaround for.
      I think i will buy a mouse soon – some of the best recent music was made with a mouse!

  5. Mt Mpc 2500, usb etc cost me less this than this ,
    This looks like a ‘simon says’ toy.By the time all the software and computer is bought to me it seems like a joke finacially and musically?
    Everyone is always upgrading novelty gear like this. The people who are posting praising this should count up how much they have spent and perhaps look at the value of decent hardware gear.

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