Soundiron Intros Ambius 2: Systematik Atmospheric Synth


SoundIron has introduced Ambius 2: Systematik – a flexible and adaptive sample based atmospheric synth.

Here’s what the developers have to say about Ambius 2:

We wanted a broad collection of richly nuanced flavors with the ability to freely layer, blend and reshape a wide mix of percussive, tonal and textural elements into custom multi-layered dynamic and evolving instruments. We wanted a unified and powerful interface to combine detailed performance and tone shaping controls with a wide pallet of experimental and environmental convolution effects. We wanted a built-in tempo-locking step-sequenced filter and LFO engine that could be adapted to just about any other GUI control parameter on the fly without missing a beat. Ambius 2 is all of that and much more.

Here’s a video introduction to Ambius 2:

Ambius 2 audio demos:

Ambius 2: Systematik is available at an introductory price of $99. Normal price is $129.

6 thoughts on “Soundiron Intros Ambius 2: Systematik Atmospheric Synth

  1. i thought it was pretty cool….

    for some reason my mind brought me back to when i played the myst games and the “legacy of time” way back when.

  2. This synth seems to be a little different than other synths in this price range with it’s manipulation of natural samples. Omnisphere can do everything but you pay for it.

    If you already own Kontakt 4+ and don’t need the power of Omnisphere this one might work for you.

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