Analog Synth Jam – Slawson Avenue

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Sunday Synth Jam: Synth maker Ken MacBeth jams with some of his creations – including the MacBeth Studio Systems Micromac-D and a Nexus 1 touch keyboard. 

Technical details below.

via macbethsynthesizers:

Inspired by visits to Santa Monica, and always seeing the ‘turn right’ sign for a place called Slawson Avenue- I did this track whilst experimenting with the Micromac-D pre factory model. I’m also using a Korg Prophecy as a controller keyboard and a ‘scrapper’ SH101 as an analogue sequencer. There’s a Roland CR8000 on drums. My latest project Nexus 1 fits in here too! The Micromac series and the Nexus 1 basically complete my synth dream wishes!…I hope you enjoy…..Ken

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