Richard Galbraith’s Polyphony – Analog Arrangements Of 16th Century Polyphonic Vocal Music

richard-gailbraith-polyphonyReader Doug Slocum – the guru behind Synthetic Sound Labs’ modular gear – let us know about an impressive new album of music that features analog arrangements of 16th century polyphonic vocal music.

Richard Galbraith’s Polyphony is a collection of 11 works, by Tallis, Byrd, de Lassus and others, arranged for modular analog synthesizer. Gailbraith doesn’t go the ‘switched on’ route, instead creating arrangements that – while definitely electronic – have more of an organic, orchestral feel.

Here’s a preview of the album:


  • Modular synthesizer: Richard Galbraith
  • Violin (Nesciens mater virgo virum, O salutaris hostia) and keyboard (Gloria): Rene Romig

In his notes for the album, Galbraith thanks names that will be familiar to many modular synth owners: Roger Arrick,; Bryan Benting; John Burdick, Grove Audio; Phil Petschke, MegaOhm Audio; Paul Schreiber, MOTM/Synthesis Technology; Doug Slocum, Synthetic Sound Labs. Additional thanks to: John L. Rice, David Ryle

The album is available in digital format for $7 via Bandcamp, or as a CD.

16 thoughts on “Richard Galbraith’s Polyphony – Analog Arrangements Of 16th Century Polyphonic Vocal Music

  1. I really dig polyphony and want to hear Richard’s stuff but the audio isn’t coming up on either my windows or mac machines. Tallis uber alles.

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    1. Your browser settings that prevents popups or scripts, or a firewall enhancer like Privoxy (*) probably blocks the player. You need to switch it off (whatever it is) and reload the page.

      (*) which you should have. Privoxy removes most ads from pages, including the crap about shaving & dating I see on Synthopia when listening to this fine arrangement.

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  2. The music is obviously up now. Absolutely stunning work. Stands up fairly well beside the work of the Tallis Scholars, Van Nevel & Huelgas Ens, Herrewerghe and so on in terms of interpretation. Only wish was for a bit more timbral variation with the synth used to voice most of the lines throughout the recording. Regardless this is an extremely significant recording in my books.

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  3. buying on bandcamp is a no brainer. but yer selling a cd?? isnt that a dead format?!? i would certainly buy it on vinyl

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  4. This is absolutely amazing. Brings tears to my eyes.
    Sublime. Absolutely sublime.

    Should be heard while watching this clip (mute the clip’s sound first):

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  5. This is absolutely beautiful. I’m not familiar with the original music but I’ll certainly be looking for some now.

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  6. Thanks for sharing this. I’m listening it every night since three days.

    I like ancient music mixed with modern instruments, like jacques loussier or wendy carlos with bach’s works.

    The first one on the list, by j.mouton is so beautiful.

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