Euclidean Sequencer For Modular Synthesizers


Club Of The Knobs has introduced the C969 Euclidean Bi-Clock Sequencer, a new modular for Moog style modular synthesizers.

The Euclidean sequencer is a 4-channel gate sequencer, ‘specially suited for he creation of poly-rhythms’. Each sequence can be from 2 to 32 steps in length.

In addition to delivering the gate sequence to two outputs, the ‘silent steps’ in the sequence are available via a ‘Silence Gate Out’.

The idea of ‘Euclidean Rhythms’ was discussed by computer scientist Godfried Toussaint in his paper The Euclidean Algorithm Generates Traditional Musical Rhythms (pdf). He argues that the Euclidean algorithm may be used to generate ‘a large family of rhythms used as timelines (ostinatos), in sub-Saharan African music in particular, and world music in general. These rhythms have the property that their onset patterns are distributed as evenly as possible.’

Since then, the concept of Euclidean Rhythms has gained popularity as a sort of ‘Rosetta Stone’ for world rhythms, and it has been implemented in hardware and software sequencer and music apps like Propellerhead Figure.

Details on the C969 Euclidean Bi-Clock Sequencer are available at the COTK site.


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