Free Holiday EP – God Rest Ye Merry Robotmen

god-rest-ye-merry-robotmentReader Jim Furey, aka Solarno, has a Christmas present for you – a free holiday EP, God Rest Ye Merry Robotmen.

Here’s what he has to about the free EP:

My house band of merry robots are back with four more rousing holiday tunes. No singing by them but plenty of old school synth-imbued eggnog mirth and electro-infused sugarplum beats to fill you with yuletide joy.

Like my 2011 Holiday EP, these are definitely not traditional takes on what are traditional Christmas carols. One of my goals with all four was to take a very seasonal song and make it year-round friendly. Production is strictly in the box using Logic 9 and featuring heavy usage of instruments from G-Force Software.


  • God Rest Ye Merry Robotmen
  • Here We Come A Wassailing
  • Deck the Halls
  • O Come, All Ye Faithful

The EP is available as a .zip download, via the embed above or via bandcamp.

4 thoughts on “Free Holiday EP – God Rest Ye Merry Robotmen

    1. Many thanks to Sythtopia for helping to spread the Holiday joy of music. I appreciate everyone who took the time to listen. I also have a holiday ep from last year titled ‘Hark! The Herald Robots Sing!’ which is available via my bandcamp site linked above in the article. Please feel free to hit me up on the Facebooks at solarnomusic.

      Merry Christmas everyone!

    1. Your kids rock PJ! They might also enjoy the Holiday EP I did last year titled ‘Hark! The Herald Robots Sing!’. It is very much in the same vein and available through my bandcamp site which is linked to above in the article.

      Merry Christmas PJ and family!

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