4 thoughts on “Merry Tronmass

  1. That got so awful, it was funny again! I tend to think of the Mellotron as being majestic or ethereal. Its good to be reminded that it can also have a goofy side. That’s as much a part of the mystique as the mixed choir. Good demo, guys.

  2. Don’t glamorize the 8-Voice too much, heh heh. I’m very happy to see Tom selling SEMs again, but having sat with an 8 for some time, believe me, its MODULAR, with the attendant bouts of hair-pulling. The results can be huge, but the fiddle-factor is equally demanding. OBs sit neatly between lead monophonics and avant-garde-ism, but just IMO, if you take on a 4-Voice or more, you’re in modular-style sound-design territory.

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