Open Mic: Was ‘Santa’ Good To You This Year?

Open Mic: For the holidays, my wish is that you have family, health and peace.

And, yes, since it’s Synthtopia, maybe some wicked gear under the tree, that new app that you’ve been wanting or some great new electronic music….

So, let us know if ‘Santa’ was good to you this year!

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42 thoughts on “Open Mic: Was ‘Santa’ Good To You This Year?

  1. The Hong Kong equivalent of Santa brought me a x0xb0x on Christmas Eve, but the damn thing broke on Boxing Day. Fortunately this Santa has a returns policy, and I now have an order in for a TT-303!

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  2. It was kinda a poor Christmas, so couldn’t afford any fun synth toys. But, I did get an iTunes gift card so I can get AudioBus and PolySix for my iPad ^_^

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    • similar front here. Got a birthday coming up in a few days though. Hoping for a little birthday cash so I can gets me an Anushri PCB set :)

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  3. I was my own Santa, but I ordered a Moog CP-251 to help continue to close the gap between my analog and digital gear. My effects pedals will be very happy!

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  4. Santa didn’t bring me anything this year… not even a lump of coal. He must of forgot about me lol but i did have family and happiness. Santa will probably remember me in February when income taxes come in. lol

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    • Santa was on a strict budget at my house, and, just as bad, a strict diet. Seems the old man has to watch his cholesterol.

      Bah, humbug!

      If Korg really introduces new analog synths at NAMM, though, I may have to binge a bit, at least in the synth area.

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  5. Santa brought me a rather curious sound module called a Yamaha QY100! the sequencer on this thing is great. Now I can make music anywhere! I’m going to use it to control my Meeblip!

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  6. I was lucky, I got an IO dock for my Ipad and some Itunes money which I spent on WerkBench and Beatsurfing (both of which would be even more amazing with Audiobus hint hint)

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  7. New iPad (well, we bought them months ago, but we’re *calling* them xmas presents… :)

    I’m also more interested in what the taxman might bring. TD-30K?

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  8. The only thing I got that was related to music was $80 worth of iTunes gift cards. At the rate I buy apps that will last me a couple weeks.

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  9. I got a new in the box Launchpad from Amazon…which doesn’t work. And I bought myself Ableton 8 to take advantage of the sweet discount and free upgrade to 9. Wish I had a Launchpad to use with it.

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  10. A Leslie 910. 100 watts of spinning, screaming power. Also a Minimoog percussion controller signed by Carl Palmer.

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  11. I had requested an Alesis Micron, but my Santa (my bride) gave me a new iPad. In one way or another, I got a incredible synth. ^^

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  12. THANKS synthtopia I got my meeblip today and would have had a rather dull christmas if I hadn’t found out about the deal. Turned it on and went to town had fun with it for hours playing with an apegiator coming from my microkorg then some tempo delay from my ef303 FUN!!!

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