Glitch Electronica In Ableton Live With Mr. Bill

The latest episode in the ADSR video series features Ableton Live producer Mr. Bill (Bill Day), who shares his approach to making glitchy electronica.

Day is a solo musician who produces glitch hop / dubstep / electronica. In this ADSR episode, Day opens up the huge session file for ‘Focus’ (the title track off his latest album) which has more than one hundred tracks in it. He’ll run through his music process, sampling tricks and plenty of great digital processing techniques.

via Tooths

6 thoughts on “Glitch Electronica In Ableton Live With Mr. Bill

  1. Pretty, pretty dope stuff. I always think about processing and reprocessing like that but never end up doing it. This kind of inspired me to do a little more mousing.

  2. This is yet another reminder that I know maybe 1% of what one can do with Ableton / arrangement / tweaking. It’s so crazy how many tracks and pieces are involved here! Time to get back to work on my songs. Sheesh.

  3. Yeah Bill has some great tutorials online. He just released a great new ep with stems and ableton sessions for the producers who want to see just how he made it.

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