Ultravox ‘Vienna’ – The Top ‘Number Two’ Single Of All Time

BBC Radio 2 listeners have voted the Ultravox synthpop classic, Vienna, to be the best ‘Number Two’ single of all time.

Radio 2 compiled a list of great songs that never quite made it to the top of the singles charts. Then they asked listeners to vote for their favorite, putting Vienna at the top.

Vienna was denied number 1 status, when it was originally released, by the novelty hit, Shaddup Your Face, by Joe Dolce, below: 

Though Vienna never made it to number 1 because of a novelty song, it beat some stellar competition to become the top ‘also ran’, including: Don McLean’s American Pie; A-ha’s Take On Me; The Who’s My Generation; Oasis Wonderwall; The B-52’s Love Shack; The Kink’s Lola and The Beatles Let It Be.

10 thoughts on “Ultravox ‘Vienna’ – The Top ‘Number Two’ Single Of All Time

  1. Even though they are both about whiney eurotrash, i prefer the sentiment in the number one spot…
    hey Ultravox ~ Shaddup you face!

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  2. I was guessing about Fairytale. But it actually isno.2 in the best no.2 singles of all time. I’m amazed it wasn’t number 1 as its officially now the most played Christmas song of all time and certainly one of the greatest songs ever written (as is Vienna in fairness).

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  3. Wow, when was the last time I might have heard this song? I’m thinking somewhere around 20 years or more. I still remembered most of it, except for the middle section. I think it’s too minimalist at times, but otherwise it’s not a bad song.

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  4. I can honestly say I don’t ever remember hearing that song. And yes, I am old enough that I was there when it happened.

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  5. Probably the only number 2 single to feature a viola solo. I love Ultravox. Sure, John Foxx’s stuff with the band was more “innovative”, but I like the Midge Ure lead stuff.

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  6. I really liked the ‘Vienna’ album when it came out, but now I regard it as one of the fastest LPs in my collection to sound outdated. Sorry, Ultravox. A classic of its time, but not much longer.

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  7. I was listening to Vienna today as me and my kids baked macadamia nut cookies

    my 9 yr old daughter says ” This sounds futuristic! when did it come out?”

    still a fantastic song and Album, especially the 2 tunes Astradyne and Western Promise.

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