8 thoughts on “BT – Our Dark Garden

  1. i still remember this guy bashing MIDI because it was not responsive enough for his awesomely bad ass keyboard skills

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    • If you understood the limitations of MIDI and the microtiming that’s a major part of BT’s music, you’d understand why he and anybody else that wants exact timing control works with audio.

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  2. Anyone know what DAW BT mixes in? I’m sure he uses several to create songs,but, curious to what what he mixes in.

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    • I’m not sure if he uses it for everything, but multiple times I’ve heard him mention how much he loves working in eMagic Logic 6 running on Mac OS 9… Not sure his reasoning exactly but interesting nonetheless.

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  3. I’m pretty sure he uses Logic, although I believe by now he’s running OS X. He’s been in a few Apple commercials. Also, I know he was a heavy user of Alchemy Synth, although artists switch favorite softsynths so often it’s difficult to tell what he’s running most of his tracks on in 2012/13.

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  4. BT is massively talented. His latest album and This Binary Universe are both excellent electronic works.

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