ultraGlitcher 1.0 For Ableton Live

ultraGlitcherPanelReader Julien Bayle has released ultraGlitcher 1.0 – a new audio FX unit for for Ableton Live.


  • 3 fx stages based on step sequencing
  • frequency modulator modulating the input with a raw and gloomy carrier
  • crusher crushing bit depth resolution + sample rate of the input
  • dirty delay delaying and modulating the feedback on very uncanny manners
  • independant step sequencers for audio-channels L/R
  • global bypass switch
  • global dry/wet
  • master shaper envelope based with retriggering rate

Here’s a demo of ultraGlitcher in action:

ultraGlitcher is available now for US $15.

If you’ve used ultraGlitcher, let us know what you think of it!

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