‘Moves Like Jagger’ Gets Samba-fied, iPad-ified

Sunday Synth Jam: Moves Like Jagger goes samba in this live cover by Meytal Cohen, Tammy Scheffer, Eyal Amir and Jordan Rudess.

This cover manages to rise above the Maroon 5 original, taking the pop song in a syncopated, jazzy direction.

Jordan Rudess (Dream Theater) – iPads
Meytal Cohen – Drums
Tammy Scheffer – Vocals
Arranged, Produced and Edited by Eyal Amir

24 thoughts on “‘Moves Like Jagger’ Gets Samba-fied, iPad-ified

  1. Tightly arranged and performed! But mainly I just want to know where Eyal scored the Gentle Giant “In a Glass House” t-shirt (seen at 3:19). I haven’t found it on the interwebs yet!

  2. Nicely done. As much as I love drum machines and prefer them to most human drummers I have had the sometimes dubious pleasure of playing with this goes to show how much a good drummer can bring to a piece and a perfomance. Not exactly my kind of song, but well done and probably better than the original.

  3. I have developed a new youtube fetish: Beautiful barefoot drummer with a big amazing effortless smile.

    If you are not into that kind of music check out her other videos playing system of a down, etc… Pretty tight and that same effortless amazing smile from time to time… I am in love, but I won’t be listening to more death metal though….

    Very talented!

  4. Love the drummer, hate the arrangement. Also, there’s nothing synthy about this, even if some of the aprts are being played on an iPad.

    1. yeh im not getting the “synth” angle either

      drummer is hot, but so what

      i like samba and bossa nova, but this is way too frenetic for me.. im not sure those genres benefit from “prog rock” style freakiness

  5. love the drummer, song was cheesy, not bad, loved the gentle giant t shirt, i want to buy lots of old prog t-shirts that would be KooL

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