‘Moves Like Jagger’ Gets Samba-fied, iPad-ified

Sunday Synth Jam: Moves Like Jagger goes samba in this live cover by Meytal Cohen, Tammy Scheffer, Eyal Amir and Jordan Rudess.

This cover manages to rise above the Maroon 5 original, taking the pop song in a syncopated, jazzy direction.

Jordan Rudess (Dream Theater) – iPads
Meytal Cohen – Drums
Tammy Scheffer – Vocals
Arranged, Produced and Edited by Eyal Amir

24 thoughts on “‘Moves Like Jagger’ Gets Samba-fied, iPad-ified

  1. Tightly arranged and performed! But mainly I just want to know where Eyal scored the Gentle Giant “In a Glass House” t-shirt (seen at 3:19). I haven’t found it on the interwebs yet!

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  2. Nicely done. As much as I love drum machines and prefer them to most human drummers I have had the sometimes dubious pleasure of playing with this goes to show how much a good drummer can bring to a piece and a perfomance. Not exactly my kind of song, but well done and probably better than the original.

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  3. I’ve written this “hating” post 3 times, then deleted. I figured, if I can’t say something nice…

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  4. I like it (I haven’t listened the original)

    What’s the connection between them? Are they Rudess’ family?

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    1. They’re ‘Youtube famous’, except for Rudess, who’s obviously done a lot wth Dream Theater and as a developer.

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  5. I have developed a new youtube fetish: Beautiful barefoot drummer with a big amazing effortless smile.

    If you are not into that kind of music check out her other videos playing system of a down, etc… Pretty tight and that same effortless amazing smile from time to time… I am in love, but I won’t be listening to more death metal though….

    Very talented!

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  6. Love the drummer, hate the arrangement. Also, there’s nothing synthy about this, even if some of the aprts are being played on an iPad.

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    1. Love the drummer, love the vocalist, love the arrangement.

      The soft synth work here, though, seems to be mainly a curiosity.

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    2. yeh im not getting the “synth” angle either

      drummer is hot, but so what

      i like samba and bossa nova, but this is way too frenetic for me.. im not sure those genres benefit from “prog rock” style freakiness

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      1. All genres would benefit from:

        A) More prog-style frenetic solos (preferably by guys with capes); and

        B) Hot samba musicians.

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  7. the original is a classic, commercial pop song.

    even the covers on X-Factor were better than this

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  8. love the drummer, song was cheesy, not bad, loved the gentle giant t shirt, i want to buy lots of old prog t-shirts that would be KooL

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    1. I was just happy she could actually drum. I don’t really share her taste for metal, but she can groove.

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