The Moog Taurus 1 Bass Pedals

Marko Ettlich takes ‘a voyage into the heart of the Moog Taurus 1 bass pedal from the year 1976′, with his latest RetroSound video.

Even though the Taurus 1 led to three other Moog bass synthesizers, many owners would argue that the sound of the original Moog Taurus 1 has never been equaled.

If you’ve used the Moog Taurus 1, let us know what you think of it!

via MusicMarketingTV:

analog bass pedal

three basic preset sounds: Taurus, Bass, Tuba + Variable Sound

used by Genesis, The Police, Pink Floyd, Marillion, Saga, Jarre, Yes and many more

7 thoughts on “The Moog Taurus 1 Bass Pedals

  1. I’ve played a minitaur in a shop and it sounded absoltely NOTHING like this, this is the real deal, the minatour is really weak and thin sounding in comparison, am I missing something or are they using different chips and filters etc…. This is the dogs, such a wonderful sound , I want one so bad!!!!

  2. Sounds like he is running them through some sort of delay effects. I don’t feel the sound has changed any from the Taurus I to the Taurus III other than added versatility with the arpeggiator on the T3 and CV inputs for a modular type of setup. I’ve never used the T1, but it seems like voice editing is a little easier on the T1 vs the T3 with dedicated faders, but the T3 does add patch memory, which is a nice addition!

  3. The sound definitely changed when the T2 came out.
    The T1 had linear tracking oscillators (not 1v/oct).
    The T2 had more ICs in the filter path (the output section, for example.)
    The T1 had a better VCA.
    The T1 oscillators were passively mixed and created more distortion.

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