New iRig BlueBoard Bluetooth MIDI Controller


IK Multimedia has introduced iRig BlueBoard ($99) – a foot pedal Bluetooth MIDI controller designed to work with AmpliTube or any other Core MIDI-compatible app.

iRig Blueboard can be used to send program, bank and other MIDI messages. Two inputs are also provided for connecting any standard expression pedal/switch.

iRig BlueBoard is powered by standard AAA batteries and designed to be portable enough to fit in a laptop bag.

Pricing for the iRig Blueboard is to be announced. Available Q2 2013.

via iLounge

4 thoughts on “New iRig BlueBoard Bluetooth MIDI Controller

  1. Everything except it needing to be powered by batteries. I understand the idea behind bluetooth, but I dont see the Risk vs Reward balance for having something like this go dead in the middle of a performance. I rather read something like …”with built in battery charger and power adaptor for when your in your studio”

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  2. Ooh, too expensive at $99, but bring on the goodies of NAMM, yes please! :D

    And while you’re at it IK Multimedia, please, please bring out a version of the iRig MIDI (the best standalone compact MIDI interface for iPad/iPhone because it CHARGES your iDevice while you play!) that has USB !!

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  3. iRig MIDI is not the only interface capable of charging your iDevice. For example, the Tascam iU2, and it’s a MIDI *and* audio I/O interface.

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