The Moog Sub Phatty Synthesizer – Naked!


Moog Music shared a few teaser images today of their new synthesizer, to be released at the 2013 NAMM Show, that just might be called……the Sub Phatty:


Features of the Sub Phatty are expected to include:

  • Two stable oscillators
  • A suboscillator
  • Noise generator
  • Twin ADSRs envelope generators
  • Multidrive circuit
  • Traditional Moog VCF
  • 25-note keyboard
  • Pitch bend & mod wheels

Here’s a previously released teaser video of synth pioneer Herb Deutsch checking out the ‘Sub Phatty’:

Note: Official specs, pricing and availability are expected to be announced at the NAMM Show.

81 thoughts on “The Moog Sub Phatty Synthesizer – Naked!

  1. Nice to new brand new analog with a forward looking direction. There is a growing breed of quality (and unfortunately, crappy) live DJs that utilize controllers like machine, and something like a sub octave monophonic bass synth would be a killer addition to that setup. Personally it would be gratifying to blast a sub oscillated synth through some of the modern sound equipment found at larger club venues. Nice to see a new synth from moog, hopefully it won’t break the bank.

  2. Ahh… so it’s generally a hybrid Phatty/Minitaur… probably a Phatty with the same oscillators and filter of the Minitaur? … we’ll see…

  3. “Sub Phatty” is a pretty lame name. Are those CV jacks on the left side? I hope so – the world needs more semi-modular keyboards IMO.

  4. One thing I notice is, that the board is split in two, connected with a ribbon cable… the right side holds onlt controls and what looks like a small AD converter… why not just one big board?

    I’m wondering of the left side is the main board, that would fit a future desktop module :O) seems about same size as a Minitaur.

    Just me wondering…

  5. Pricing and what the differences between this and the Phatty and Minitaur become the questions we will ask. I want to know will do the best bass between this Voyager and Minitaur.

          1. Meh, I like it better than the names Japanese companies use like some weird mix of old europe and techno-geekery: “Korg unveils The Agememnonotron 364-XTi Mk4! It costs 4 times as much as a PC and has half the functionality, woohoo!”

            1. Mostly, I love the SOUND of the MOOGs and how they connect together, then there is the LOOK and FEEL. Interface and Vibe. When you start to build your own collection I’m sure you will love and respect all their names too ~ Voyager, Slim, Taurus, Minitaur, ClusterFlux, FreqBox, Electric Blue, White XL etc. ~ and then as you get to know them more intimately you will give them new endearing nicknames…. like I do ~ “Mothership”, “Honky Motherfucker” “Big Daddy” SCREECH etc.
              Here’s hoping MOOG gives us as big an array of CV ins and outs as will fit on the new beast ~ and a breakout box for all the rest

    1. …and I’m so pious, I’m gonna buy the prophet 12 because it sports the word “prophet” and the number 12. As in disciples and Moses. Keep it church!

  6. So a Minitaur with Keyboard at least. Easy to built, nothing epic.
    Someone should buy them to show how Polyphonic/multitimbral instruments are build.
    Crossmodulation and Osc/Filter-FM would make the package complete.

    1. A polyphonic analog synth is not just one fixed entity. Almost no one makes specialized goods like the old string synths anymore; the divide-down system was outmoded by polys with memory and fast keyboard-scanning speeds. That leaves either using computer control of X% of the analog components or going the Oberheim route of great but pricey separate hardware modules. Analog involves numerous discrete parts and way more skilled assembly. So when you holler for a polyphonic analog, exactly what are you asking for, given the technical and financial realities? Would you really drop surely $4-10k on it? An Obie 4-Voice is in that ballpark, so there’s your Gold Standard. Am I off-target? Whaddaya think?

      1. I may be wrong, but couldn’t this be more integrated? An integrated polyphonic oscillator circuitry as an addition to the discrete monophonic?
        X-mod only needs a little discrete board, but extends the sonic experience drastically.
        All this won’t break my bank.
        Yes, normally Dave Smith is doing such a thing. Maybe they both talked about their niche.

  7. I know he doesn’t have a monopoly on black and white pre-production photos of analogue synthesizers, but these pics have a certain Ken Macbethness about them.. Moog been taking notes?

  8. sub phatty πŸ™‚
    Is the little phatty not fat enough ??? πŸ™‚
    I hope the price is not fat.
    Please do a normal price this time,I think hardware synth manufacturers are asking to much money for the synths they make.
    I payed 1200 euro for my little phatty and I was okay with it ,till the day I opened the little bastard.
    Its just an empty case with a little chip in it.
    C’mon ,that shit can be sold much cheaper .
    Oke ,I like to have a synth that looks nice and is build well butt selling them cheaper will result in more selling’s,believe me,especially when it’s a moog.
    Sell it cheaper than others and it will be a huge success.
    Oh yeah,don’t make the mistake that arturia did with the minibrute.
    I live in Europe and since this week that synth is finally in stock at the biggest store in Europe.
    In other words 1 year after they announced at namm that it’s available in April 2012.
    Please be honest about shipping dates and when that synth is in stores.
    I’m not going to buy the minibrute anymore because I lost the trust in that company.
    Please surprise us with the price in a good way this time.

      1. I doubt that the pictures in the link is from al little phatty!
        Look @ the size of it?
        It’s a long time ago I opened this synth and right now I’m drunk (friday evening ,just home from the bar)so you’r maybe right but you have to imagine the back that is connected with it,it’s just to much and not necessary .
        Anyway like other people says it’s just some plastic and solder made by a machine that’s doing 12 synths @1 hour.
        I do have to say that the keybed is the best I ever played .
        I think these photo’s are not from the Phatty because the phatty is larger vertical and the chip don’t touch the bottom of it.
        I think these photo’s are not from the little phatty dude,but right now I’m drunk and don’t want to debate this shit right now πŸ™‚

  9. Looks sweet, but I already know it’s going to be way out of my price-range!

    Moog seem to have been outmaneuvered by the minibrute – they can’t make this thing cheaper than the minitaur because they’ll be doing themselves out of business, but I think this might be more expensive than a little phatty, judging by the number of knobs it has.

    I think they should have opted for a polysynth. They have the monosynth market (rather too expensively) covered already.

    1. I don’t think you’ll see a MiniBrute coming from Moog.

      The MiniBrute is great for what it is – a nicely-executed entry level synth. But it’s basically a stripped down version of the classic VCO-VCF-VCA design Moog pioneered.

      Moog buyers want more capable synths, with multiple oscillators, osc sync, sophisticated patching and lots of control options.

      The MiniBrute probably is good for Moog. MiniBrute owners are going to step up at some point, and Moog and DSI synths are two likely choices.

      1. spoken like a true moog apologist

        the minibrute is not just an entry level synth, its got 3 different kinds of analog waveshaping never seen on a monosynth, its got a switch for env speed, its got a midi synced LFO with multiple waveforms and two different clock syncs, multimode arp with swing and note division, multimode filter with key tracking, cv in and out, audio in, foldback distortion, its even got aftertouch for fucks sake.. plus it has LEDs that show env activity as well as lfo clock and arp clock

        get a clue before you open your mouth next time… moog is not “god” they are just another synth company

        1. You seem awfully defensive about the MiniBrute. The MiniBrute is a great little synth for the price, but there are entire swaths of analog synthesis that you can’t explore on it, because of its basic one-oscillator design. And you should know that most of the features you mention are ones that have been used in a variety of classic synths.

          Moog, like Arturia and Dave Smith Instruments are ALL companies worth giving credit to, because they’re ALL making great analog synths.

          And, if the MiniBrute isn’t a great entry level analog synth at $500, what the hell is?

      2. i have to respectfully disagree with this statement. As an owner of an LP, minibrute, poly evolver, evolver, tempest, and mopho, the minibrute definitely holds its own. I understand what you’re saying about the price point. It will allow some to get into analog synthesis, but if anything, it’s a step sideways when comparing it with the LP. One is wine and one is beer…to continue with the bar theme of this thread. πŸ˜›

  10. Moog knows that for some of us a reasonably priced, keyboard analog monosynth from them is as close as we will get to the holy grail of the MM Model D. They also know that some of us have more money than sense, and that logic is not always part of the gear-buying process. I will probably want one of these unless it is called something ridiculous like the ‘Moog Bling’ or ‘GrooveSynth’ (sorry Roland!) and costs $1000+.

  11. Unlike the other phattys, this one doesn’t seem to support saving patches, so I wonder why they went with that name. If it is a basically a minotaur with a keyboard, as it appears, I think it will be $899 msrp.

  12. Another Analog synth for the gearheads who have never finished a track before. Big deal! Ill stick with what I have Moog.

    1. Your the type of troll that makes me wish there was a qualifying test before being allowed access to the Internet, you have never said ANYTHING useful or constructive

  13. Wow, so basically the same design from the 60’s? Great! Let me buy none! I don’t care at this point what it sounds like, from the name to the design, can we please bring design to the 21st century tastefully?

    Aesthetics has to account for something. Moog is stuck in a time warp.

      1. Aesthetics has a place in design, in any design. If the form can be function and it is not merely restricted to colour schemes and simple design elements.

  14. It’s a combination of 2 of there products already available and is what everyone expects from a new moog. It’s lazy. And dull.

  15. there seems to be a lot of haters out there, but MOOG make quality instruments, at yes, premium prices, if you want cheap get a minibrute and wait a year for it, and its only got one oscillator, blah blah blah. YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR. Like everyone else I do hope this is affordable, I can then buy my first Moog, and I’m looking forward to it!

    1. I think you are the point. From personal experience I can say that the quality is hit and miss, that is the not the debate here. How long will Moog continue to regurgitate the same designs, same schemes and architecture.

      Moog’s designs and synths were ahead of their time, when they first appeared decades ago. Sadly, the company has remained there.

        1. Of course he’s missing. How can he say moog makes quality instruments having never owned any? I thought quality was something you are evaluating over the time. (As in, you bought a synth ten years ago and knobs didn’t get loose still.)

      1. I’m actually glad that they’ve added features like MIDI, stable oscillators, patch management, built in modular capabilities, modular expanders, matrix patching, velocity, x/y touch pads, etc, etc, to their synths over the years.

        Then there’s Animoog, widely considered to be one of the better soft synths available, on a device that didn’t exist just a few years ago.

        Just think what they could do if they weren’t rehashing the past!

    2. I looked into getting a slim phatty a little while ago and was a bit taken aback by the number of technical issue complaints I found about things like midi not working correctly or excessively long warm up times / tuning issues.

      1. I read similar stuff, and ended up just diving in and buying one. Well worth it. i’m not made of money and it took me ages to save up. But the SP is fantastic.

        The only MIDI problems i’ve had were from Ableton, and i’ve since worked them out and integrated this little monster into my setup perfectly.

        Now i’ve spent some time (a year or so) with the Moog, i honestly wouldn’t want to lose him from my setup or my sound.
        I consider more adding more Moogs frequently. And this new ‘un looks to be a fine contender..

        Need to get a MiniBrute first tho..

      2. – The tuning was a bit puzzling to get right at first, but now i’ve figured out the AutoTuning, it tunes up spot on in a few minutes.
        The sound quality is sublime, and i can only assume that this new offering is comparable in that department.

    3. I think its more about seeing the same thing in a different package rather than price…. the price of moog isn’t too bad, try an independent company if you want a debate on value…. (Rather than moog or korg) πŸ™‚

  16. I can’t help but get a bit amused that Moog is making a synth directly aimed at exactly the frequency response range most consumer music devices don’t have today.

  17. “I can’t help but get a bit amused that Moog is making a synth directly aimed at exactly the frequency response range most consumer music devices don’t have today.”

    The overtones from the sub oscillator will be heard, and the listener will “infer” the lower octave fundamental missing from their tiny speaker. Much bass enhancement works like this , I believe.

  18. Wow, alot of negative comments from synthtopia, even suggestions on what could make it more appealing, i wonder if moog reads this…. They should, it’s freaking synthtopia!

    I can agree, moog is becoming as traditional as nord with their inventability. Not really trying to do anything special. But we still haven’t got the official specs yet so it might surprise us.

    1. Cheers, I completely agree. I worked for Clavia (Nord) for several years. I recall during one of our product meetings, I mentioned perhaps we can get away from the retro themed designs. You would have thought I had asked if I could date their mums.

      Needless to say, my ideas were rejected and the discussion was not up for debate.

  19. Several posts seem offended by the idea that Moog isn’t ‘reinventing’ anything with this prototype, but not everyone wants a Minibrute. If this thing ‘sounds’ like a Moog and does so at a reasonable price then it will achieved its primary function for a great number of people who can’t afford a vintage Moog. Personally, I’d like to see Korg jump in a do something similar (I loved their clanky old 770) in ‘reinventing’ a basic keyboard monosynth for the masses.

  20. All you guy’s talking shit about analog synths???
    Till today nothing can beat the sound of an analog synth,it’s real,it’s fun to play,and for me it’s sounds better than software.
    You will have more possibilities on software synths and they will cost less than a virus with the same possibilities but in my case it’s no fun at all clicking that mouse over and over again πŸ™‚
    If I wan’t to make the sounds of my softsynths good and suitable for mixing I have to spend the same amount of money on stupid plugins( that results in more mouse clicks) that I otherwise spends on hardware synths.
    I’can also download it from torrent shit but I want to make the economy successful so I try to do that part of life legal πŸ™‚
    But I don’t like that plugin shit so I don’t give money on that ….
    Maybe it’s just me that don’t like to click that stupid mouse over and over again πŸ™‚
    Oh yeah I tried the mini nova today and I have to say that it’s not the thing I’m looking for.
    Don’t think about resonating the filter on it like you do on analog gear.
    And making a sound from scratch is a treasure hunt on that thing.
    The keys are also very very small ,I’m not a giant and I have not the biggest fingers at all,and even for me the keys are too small on that thing.
    The look of it is very cool,but still have the feeling that it’s build very cheap.
    For the price it’s a wonderful synth.
    But don’t talk with me about prices of a synth please.
    A lot of negative comment here because the sub phatty is not an app?
    Shame on you guy’s .
    Have fun with your iPads if that’s what you want.
    It’s a whole different way of creativity and if you guy’s like that ,enjoy yourself.
    I’m happy with analog gear.
    Only thing that’s worrying me about the sub phatty are the octaves?
    Please don’t do the same like the miniature?
    Or the minibrute πŸ™‚

    1. I would expect the moog to be more polite, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. I do agree, though, that it’s a response to the minibrute. Wine and beer!

  21. Looks like good fun, but not for me because my synth needs are already met (I own a voyager xl, little phatty, DSI Evolver, euro modular, monomachine, minibrute, and a virus ti).

    Based on my impression of the video, it’s probably a great basic synth for guys who want to see what all the Moog fuss is about. So long as this thing has octave switching and MIDI in, it’s going to be cool.

    Other impression I got was that Moog is really trying to sell people on that filter saturation/OD feature. I didn’t find it too impressing, but to each his own. What I can tell you with certainty is that the sounds it was making were tame compared to the minibrute. THAT thing can scream.

  22. I think the Sub Phatty may be…..a kit!

    I was in a music shop about an hour ago chatting with the tech guy about analogue synths. I was trying the Minotaur out and told him I was interested to hear it as it seems to have a lot in common with the Sub Phatty. He hadn’t heard of the Sub Phatty so he did a search on his iPhone. He then said, “would you buy it if it was a kit?” and showed me the google search results. Top of the list was:

    Amazon: Moog Sub Phatty Kit.

    I had my 4 year old with me so couldn’t hang around and never asked him to click on the link, planning to do so when I got home. But now i’m at home and when I do a search no such link shows up. I didnt imagine it – he said it, showed me the phone and I saw it, but the link seems to be gone.

    That would explain the photos. If it is a kit the photos are of the actual finished item, not a pre-cased version.


    1. I don’t think it’s going to be a kit, I have searched Google Amazon EBay B&H Sweetwater ect and nothing, I think your salesperson may have been wrong… And his search came up with products from the aftermarket car-part company of the same name

      1. No, the sales guy wasnt giving me his opinion, he was showing me a link. I saw it. It was, and it was ‘Moog Sub Phatty Kit’.

        We’ll know soon enough.

          1. As I said, it no longer shows up. I’m not in the business of making shit up, I’m just saying what I saw. It is what it is and we’ll find out soon anyway.

  23. While I do wish Moog would make an affordable poly I find the amount of moaning about it funny. You can pick up a JX-8P on ebay for $200, if you have an iPad there is a perfect PG-800 app that costs $5. The 8P is reliable, imperfect, but reliable. Or a Six-Trak, those go for not much and is both poly or 6 way mono. And those have held up well.

      1. Well, that isn’t what I wrote. What I actually said was there are cheap analogs out there. One of the knocks against the 8P is the lack of knobs and and sliders. That is remedied with an iPad app vs spending $350 for a real PG-800, which if you knew anything about synths you would know that that is a programmer for the 8P. But apparently you prefer to troll instead of read. Have a happy!

  24. I wonder if the “thumbs down every comment guy ever gets tired or does anything else with his day, or if he just a bitter quadriplegic that can only see the color red and clicks with his breath controlled curser device… And I know he will grace my comment with his acknowledgement soon enough.

    1. His thumbs down are particularly bizarre when he’s thumbing down people with two different opinions. He’s bound to agree with one. Hope he give this comment a thumbs down to prove he’s a twat.

  25. If you want a rack-mount sub phatty, just sign here:Β­Β­Β­lim-subphatty.html

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