IK Multimedia Brings 5 iOS Audio Products To Android


IK Multimedia has announced that five of its iOS audio products – iRig Mic, iRig Mic Cast, iRig PRE, iRig Mix and iKlip Studio – are now compatible with Android devices.

Here are the details:

  • iRig MIC is a handheld mic that enables better quality recordings than can be obtained with a mobile device’s built-in mic.
  • iRig MIC Cast is a small microphone designed for podcasts and other voice recordings.
  • iRig PRE is a pocket-sized mic preamp that makes it possible to use professional XLR mics with a mobile device. It provides phantom power for condenser mics, and has an adjustable gain control for setting the most favourable input level.
  • iRig MIX is a portable DJ-style audio mixer that’s small enough to hold in one hand, and is perfect as a hardware front end for mobile DJ apps. Its two channels each have a volume slider, EQ controls and LED meters, plus a crossfader adjusts the level between the channels.
  • iKlip STUDIO is a tabletop stand for tablets designed for use on flat surfaces with music or other type of apps. It holds a tablet in place with non-slip rubber grip feet, and features an adjustable viewing angle and the ability to fold up for easy storage and transport.

iRig MIC, iRig MIC Cast, iRig PRE, and iRig MIX are all available now. iKlip Studio for 10″ tablets is also available, while the 7″ tablets version will ship during the first quarter of 2013.

29 thoughts on “IK Multimedia Brings 5 iOS Audio Products To Android

  1. on TNR video blog they reviewed irig Mic and Mic Cast on an ANDROID. Both introduced a fair amount of noise and intermittent audio bleed.
    i am staying away from these products.

  2. LMBAO!

    are you really gonna sit there and not fix Sampletank on iPad to a decent BM2 session(dont even get me started on the IK iRig to a MacBookPro DAW insecurities) before you start making the SCION move so fast Huh Toyota?…..I mean IK Multi. You have my Sonic Synth Money im a shareholder almost.

  3. iKlip Studio is pretty good. Can’t see why it has to be “made” android compatible though… Maybe they should have removed the “i” in front of the name.

      1. This is a good match though…..
        After you create some dope shit on this you can transfer it to your Sonar touch coffee table where the magic will just multiply.

  4. I bought an iPad 2, a MIDIRig and Sampletank iOS in order to use that as my main live setup. To say I am extremely disappointed would be a serious understatement. The MIDIRig is very unreliable, the fit from the iPad connector is very loose and you have to wiggle it for a while in order to get it to work, not to mention the hardware is very flimsy (when I opened the packaging I was shocked that this is what I was getting for 80 bucks). Sampletank sounds very good, but it is really, really not geared towards live play, which is precisely their sales pitch. It doesn’t always behave as advertised (namely, sometimes you can layer sounds by hitting two at the same time, sometimes you can’t, you never know), it refuses to recognize any MIDI channel but channel 1, I keep getting stuck notes, there’s too many menus to navigate for live performance, the synth sounds suck, editing is very very very limited… Oh I could go on. And it’s not the platform’s fault, Sunrizer has been a joy to play live with so far. IK should really get their act together on one platform before they move on to another. In the meantime I’ll be buying an IODock and trying to find a way to live with Sampletank’s limitations.

    1. You could probably google iOS audio interface. As a general rule of thumb anything not going thought the headphone jack won’t sound as shitty as this cheap stuff that does.

  5. This is why the only thing I use my touch devices for in a live setting is Lemur… Audio apps (animoog, sunrizer, addictive, ect.) are great for sampling loops/notes into Live or Logic or whatever, but due to interfacing its just not reliable. But like I said for Lemur or TouchOSC it’s great. I think it’s a little due to device function dedication…

  6. Even if IK does not make premium tools, this appears to be a significant message : Android is (slowly) becoming an audio platform. The message now should be sent to Google : guys, fix the audio layer now 🙂

      1. No I will just stick to my Windows 7, tower running Ableton Suite 8 thank you and I won’t have to install the all to intrusive Itunes at all.

    1. I’ll never understand the ‘I hate Apple so much that I’ll buy something that sucks instead’ attitude.

      There’s no denying that , for musicians, the iPad bests both Android & Windows tablets.

  7. Wow. I really don’t get all of the hate for Android on here… Yes, the audio may be laggy, but that can be fixed. On the other hand, my Nexus 7 is a LOT more affordable an iAnything, and I can get software from multiple stores — I am not locked into one store only. This new hadware might not be the best, but I see it as a good move anyways, and maybe I can get some cool gear in the future. I love music but hate Apple.

    1. On Android you have your choice of stores full of malware and madware apps, but almost no powerful music apps, and almost no music accessories.

      Yet you criticize musicians that buy something thats actually very useful, justifying it by saying ‘I love music but hate Apple.’

      How much sense does that make?

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