New Zivix Jamstik Makes The MIDI Guitar Portable

Zivix has introduced a new portable MIDI guitar controller at this year’s CES convention, the Jamstik

Zivix calls the Jamstik “a real guitar and a mobile peripheral device that can see your fingers”, in real time. The Jamstik will work with mobile tablets, smartphones, and PC and Mac computers. 

Zivix will be offering three apps: JamTutor, JamHero game and Jam Live music remixer. It will also be compatible with CoreMIDI apps.

Detailed specs are to come, but Zivix plans to release the Jamstik this summer, priced around $300.

via JamStikVideo, TechCrunch

6 thoughts on “New Zivix Jamstik Makes The MIDI Guitar Portable

    1. When he plays Guitar Hero, there was a part, when he miss some notes – thats quite strange for demo video, don`t you think? May be i`m too paranoid, but it can be latency problems O_o

  1. A better solution:
    The next update of the JamOrigin MIDI Guitar app should make it on pair with the VST version of the same and then all guitar controllers are outdated.

  2. my hopes for an accurate and affordable midi guitar controller have been built up and smashed to the ground so many times. if this works without glitches and ghost notes and other problems then $300 is a bargain

  3. I was a crowdfunder and early receiver of a JamStik. It looks cool, but there are various items potential users need to be aware of. The strings have a high-tension, more like a mandolin than a guitar – it feels funny when strumming/picking. The included strap-buttons are plastic snap-ins that can pop out; no threads for real strap buttons. Only 5 frets are available; to go ‘up’ the neck (like for a solo) you have to access an akwardly placed control pad and press a up button to go up in scale. It is possibly compatible with iRIG and Amplitube, using a MIDI connector app (Audiobus), but *I could never get clear information from Zivix* on what was available and how to do it …. that I got fed up with them and sent the unit back. Playing the JamStik with basic Garageband is not satisfying – you need to download the available guitar and amp models so you can at least get close to using it to sound like an electric guitar. Again, the documentation with the unit was minimal, and info on the Zivik/JamStik website is sparse and there is no “list of 100s of compatible apps” or any specific instructions on how to use it with iRIG and Amplitube etc. When I tried to get some answers I kept getting references to MIDI apps (e.g. keyboard sounding) and eventually Zivik/JamStik shut me off their FaceBook page (they may have had a great reference if they only tried to help me, not pander me with advertising rhetoric and excuses.)

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