17 thoughts on “Elektron Analog Four + Machinedrum Acid Techno Jam

  1. Bof… All that gear and money for this ? I can replicate this or do better with a free vst synth like Crystal

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    • But you didn’t do any of this with a VST did you? Stop whining about your VST use here. There’s no comparison to real analog hardware that you can reach out and touch. Both the sound and the user experience are completely different. The comments about VST’s by people like yourself are so obnoxious. It’s tiring. Go click your mouse and leave the rest of it up to us.

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    • It’d be great if you could show us how awesome your VST tracks are. Maybe your musical skills are better than your social ones!

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    • even if so why even point it out if not out of insecurity about your process and envy of people with hw.
      if you are an adult, that is some pitiful behaviour but i know the type.

      “man i can do xy with one hand. i´m just tired at the moment. and my tummy hurts”

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  2. By the way, I think this sounds pretty great. Even after all these years, I still have a soft spot for some acid. Good work!

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