Focusrite Intros Scarlett 18i20 At 2013 NAMM Show


2013 NAMM Show: Focusrite has announced the Scarlett 18i20 – a new audio interface that offers 18 inputs and 20 outputs.


  • Eight Focusrite mic preamps with front-panel meters With switchable phantom power, up to 60dB of gain, plus pad and instrument switches on channels 1+ 2.
  • Precision 24-bit/96kHz A-D/D-A conversion
  • Compatible with Mac, PC and iPad Uses USB 2.0 streaming technology
  • 18 inputs, 20 outputs
  • Dual headphone outputs and comprehensive monitor control
  • Complete software bundle Including Ableton Live Lite music software, the Focusrite Scarlett plug-in suite, Novation’s Bass Station soft synth and 1GB of Loopmasters samples.

Here’s the booty shot:


The Focusrite Scarlett 18i20 is expected to be available worldwide March 2013, priced at US MSRP $599.99 and $499.99 at dealers.

20 thoughts on “Focusrite Intros Scarlett 18i20 At 2013 NAMM Show

  1. How is it a lie… the interface probably has Sony Philips Digital in and out, and probably ADAT optical…

    This is huge for guys who want expandability (will need more channels in the future, or don’t have the money for pro converters yet)

    Say you are on a budget… you buy this… then a year down the line you require/want better audio quality, more channels, etc.

    You now have the connectivity to support an external A/D D/A converter (from Lavry, Apogee, Banchmark, etc…). You can now buy a decent preamp (which I promise you, this will not have) and connect it with S/PDIF…. You can buy a high-end 8 channel Pre and connect it via ADAT.

    Those digital inputs and output also serve other purposes. Many out-board synths, seq, and drum machines have digital outs, enabling you to free up analog I/O to track out everything on one cable.

    The outputs are handy for tracking out to a proper burner. For sharing audio between systems with minimal sound degradation. It makes external summing easier because there is less of a chance you’ll have to rewire stuff constantly.

    I’m sure they aren’t lying about anything. I just think you might want more analog i/o… or unsure of how to use the digital stuff. Let me know if you need help.

  2. I agree with Goku, it’s not a lie. But then it’s a bit misleading for people who are just after the analog ins and outs. It sure sounds good to state 20 outputs, but at the end if you look at what you can use from those 20 as analog outputs, it’s 2 master outs plus 8 aux (or how you want to call them).
    I just think the copywriters could stop adding apples with pears pears and just state what you really get for your money.

      1. … and discover there are only 20 holes in that thing.
        Guys, continue to take side with manufacturers, things will surely change that way.

        1. I see your point, but as Goku has already pointed out, it is not a lie per se. It’s just a liberal use of the terms “inputs / outputs”. What exactly would you like manufacturers to change?

          From a marketing perspective, it is simply more elegant to advertise “X inputs and X outputs” instead of writing the whole “X analog inputs, X analog outputs, X S/PDIF inputs, X S/PDIF outputs, X ADAT inputs, X ADAT outputs”. I also think that these details belong into a specifications list and not into an advertising text.

          But I guess it’s a question of the target market. People who are looking for their first interface or just need one interface will most likely not anticipate that an interface is advertised with its “total supported channel number”, they will anticipate that these channels can directly be found on the device itself.

          People who already know how ADAT channel expansions work will have a different perspective – if they read a high input/output count on an interface, they will anticipate the exact opposite – that not all of these channels will be found on this one device.

          So it’s not really the fault of the manufacturerers or a lie, but rather a question of your own expectations and foreknowledge…

        2. Or you could take the side that most people who would consider buying this are not idiots, cause of you somehow bought one of these without even checking the specs you would have to be pretty stupid.

          There is no lieing going on, it isn’t even misleading.
          If you need x number of analog outputs, then simply read the specs and see if a piece of gear has what you need. If you don’t know or care about digital I/O then look at a smaller,cheaper interface.
          It really is that simple.

    1. Settle down.
      It’s priced the same as the Saffire 40 and is USB 2 which should solve some issues for all of the PC folks.
      I really love the Saffire 40 and will be trying this unit to see how it performs.

      Great work Focusrite!

    1. I have the sapphire version which is firewire but not different otherwise, and it does have 10 trs outs! True it’s not 20 analog outputs but for $500 that’s still a pretty good deal, and being expandable is pretty sweet. Also these things are built like tanks. It’s been going to shows with me for 2 years now and still holds up just fine! Want to run every member of your ableton-based band to the sound guy seperately? This is the one!

  3. is there a difference between this and the sapphire 40 pro? im guessing its gonna be the digi connect. i have the 40pro and octapre via opti, would love to see spdif on this.

    and those complaining about the i/o labels, if your un aware of the abilities or existance of physical holes on any box, you shouldnt be even thinking of purchasing or complaining about its labeling. do some research – always find front/back panel pics before assuming it is what your looking for.
    look a common 16 track mixer, and point out the 16 xlr inputs plz. usually only gonna find 6-8, with the rest being line stereo (which count as two), tape in (also counted as two), ect. if you grabbed that box, went home with your 16 xlr cables ready, then got mad? whos fault is that?

  4. Still no alternative to my M-Audio Profire2626.
    I’ve put a RME sticker onto the Profire.
    Now the stereo imaging is even more precise and the mids are talking to me on every frequency.
    Try this with your Soundcard. I have lots of RME stickers left. Just give me a call.

  5. can you help me out i have the focusrite 18i20 interface on my macbook pro i dont no how to hook up audio i play my TRITON i can here it on my headphone but when i cut krk sp i dont here no sound for the keyboard all so on the back of interface it has spdif in. Thank Y

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