The Yamaha CS-50 Filter

Synth guru Marc Doty continues his deep look at the classic Yamaha CS-50 synthesizer. In the first video in the series, he looked at the Yamaha CS-50 oscillators.

In the second video in the series, Doty looks at the CS-50 filter.

via AutomaticGainsay

9 thoughts on “The Yamaha CS-50 Filter

  1. The CS-50 sound really comes to life when he starts tweaking tge filters – and suddenly you hear shades of Blade Runner!

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  2. I like to watch Marc Doty explaining synths.
    But I really don’t give a …. about a synth that is impossible to find for sale.
    Especially in the shape like it is on this video.

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    • I know what you mean – and that CS-50 looks pretty pristine.

      But i still love seeing these old beasts in action, for a couple of reasons.

      Looking at vintage synths like this helps you understand how electronic musicians in the 70’s worked. CS synths are all over a lot of classic albums and knowing about the synths gives you a deeper appreciation about the music.

      Knowing about old synths also helps you be a more educated buyer of both new and used gear. I’d love to own a CS-80, for example, but I’d probably be more likely to spend my money on an old Roland, because it would be less of a hassle to keep and maintain. And I’ll be a lot more likely to check out a synth if it supports polyphonic aftertouch, after seeing what a CS-80 can do!

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