14 thoughts on “Testing & Calibrating A Moog Synthesizer

      1. Well, I will certainly be more careful in the future, when making assumptions about the users’ ability to grasp irony. There are more than enough people in the music scene who like to stress at any occasion that having a single Windows computer somewhere in the production line makes the whole product flawed. “I won’t go near a PC” and such. It was meant as a satire on that.

  1. Internet whipper snappers everywhere these days. For every jaded old guy there are 50 jaded kids who comment on things only to look and sound like some rooster in the yard.
    People who are serious and dont want a disposable synth of the month tend to pay for a product which defines quality and reliability. I think the fuzzy logic people use is that my 199$ VST can do so much more than that analog moog synth which is 2k$.

  2. Now the question is how are the custom made thingamajings calibrated? But seriously, it was a fun video, what were people expecting from 3 and a half minutes? A psychedelic experience? Learn craft secrets? Sometimes making great products is just pretty plain and boring. I learned that from watching How It’s Made on Discovery.

  3. ehh im not a moog fan but this was pretty cool. the ppl running moog seem to be serious about making musical instruments, not cheap technology to be replaced (like most other manufacturers)……their gear is expensive and i will never buy it but props

  4. I went to the moog factory last year when I was in town for business. The gentlemen in the video Jim was the one that got back to me via email when I asked about a tour. Everyone there at the factory was very nice. The techs encouraged you to come in and look at what they were doing. They didn’t seem to mind too bad that we were peering over there shoulder. I think there are two kinds of people those that love hardware just for the sake of hardware and those that don’t. Either is fine and both make music. In the end just make some music and stop bitching. I happen to be in the hardware camp as I have been involved in all kinds of hardware and electronics since I was a young kid. There is something about a well designed pice of hardware that just feels good too me. As I am sure there others out there that love the feel of hardware as well. I love my Voyager and will never be parting ways with it. Keep up the good work Moog! Nice to see a small company still doing well making quality products.

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