Moog Sub Phatty Video Demo

ProAudioStar has released a couple of videos that demo the new Moog Sub Phatty analog synthesizer, which is being released at this year’s NAMM Show.

“This thing sounds ridiculous,” they note, “and has a very user friendly/intuitive layout, making it really easy to program crazy leads and bass patches quickly.”

The first video is an all analog, all Sub Phatty synth jam. The track is 100% comprised of sounds created by the Sub Phatty (including the drums), recorded live on set through a Zoom H4n into Ableton Live.

In the second video, producer Jerry “Wonda” Duplessis offers his thoughts on the new Moog Sub Phatty:

28 thoughts on “Moog Sub Phatty Video Demo

  1. I prefer U-He Zebra2 over this. And yes i own analog gear too.
    Another demo that does not show how an analog synth can sound.
    Looks good though….

    1. Sorry, I did not see the second video when i wrote the first comment.
      It does give a better idea how an analog synth can sound…

  2. It sounds pretty good. Certainly sounds better in the Wonda video than the first one, which seems to be closer to that sterile sound I didnt like about the Little Phatty.

    Price is good though. That should be around 899 euro (hopefully less), which is a very good price for a 2 osc analogue keyboard synth with the build quality of a Moog.

    Now all we need is the Micro MS-20 and were ready to rock.

  3. I really want to get a Moog. I especially like that you can record automation of various parameters with the minitaur and the phatty….I hope this can too? On top of that the great sound. I was looking at the slim phatty but this looks much more appealing with the new osc’s…etc. the small keyboard is not my favorite though. Maybe wait for the module… The slim sub phatty?

  4. terrible useless video’s especially the first one, where was the BASS on this thing, he tried to make it sound like some kind of shitty novation ultra, whats the ****ing point of that??

    Really pathetic, hope it sounds better in the flesh than that ****, embarassing!

  5. I think it was very cool that they obviously shot this in a really cold room (visible breathe haha) to demonstrate how awesomely stable these no warm up necessary oscillators are. Very classy and understated Moog!

  6. Watching this videos makes me want to buy an Electron A4 😉

    The first one is puzzling, does anyone actually like this kind of music? It gives me headache.

    The second vid is just embarrassing.

    1. Because the Elektron trailers with exploding ravers and the guy canoeing through an apocalyptic harbor really sold me on that product 🙂

      We will hear it all in good time…. The flylo track sounds not bad. Not everything has to showcase the bass. I think it goes without saying at the low end is going to sound “phat.”

      1. But I agree with you… The second video….. I felt bad… For him….
        Maybe we are just haters…..or maybe I feel bad for the human race.

  7. Moog is something special when it comes to sound creation, but this synth at least for me is absolutely useless, I want a real poly keyboard to play real music, why did I learn years and years playing all kind of music, perfecting my playing skills to enter buying a 2 octave keyboard??? OK, I will wait for the next Moog which will probably have 1 octave…or wait do we need keys anymore???

    1. im hear ya on the 2 octave kb thing. microkorg at least has 3, tho its mini-keys. some good sounds. moog is tryin. they are old school, maybe this is new. but minibrute blazed quite a trail…

  8. Well, I love the first video, try listening through a decent usb dac and headphones. That helps show off the lush sound of this synth.

    Why on earth are people moaning about it being mono, it’s a mono synth, if you want a poly synth buy one of those dreadful machines that yamaha, roland, korg etc make and let the rest of us enjoy the analogue mono goodness…..

  9. High end sounds very nice! The lack of aliasing and general quality of things like screaming resonance and distortion is what sets analog apart from digital synths. Sounds more interesting than general Moog resonance to me. I’d really dig this as a pedal with a sub octave envelope follower.

    Anyone that thinks analog is needed or better at bass really ought to spend more time programming synths. FM synths with Lately Bass, Razor and tons more will give you incredible bass.

    That said, it would’ve been nice to hear more of the distortion/multi-drive on the low end because sometimes distortion can sap the bass.

  10. I want to like this thing but it’s a little Phatty with knobs and a sub oscillator. Oh and some “Drive” circuitry. I can’t see how SubPhatty can do anything my Voyager can’t. For a new entry level buyer or anyone with money to spend on extra gear, it maybe appealing. I just value my dollars too much to spend them on this product. I need an analog polysynth that controls the heavens themselves!

    1. So it has a few more cool sonic possibilities, more direct control, and costs less than any keyboard product they made before….see why everyone is so skeptical. Not every new product has to be a flagship model. An entry level, good value product can be just the thing for a lot of people and there’s nothing wrong with that. Did you really think it would do more than your voyager that costs more than 2x as much.

  11. Well if you already own a Voyager then no, you probably have very little use for this. The appeal is that it can deliver classic Moog sound with easy, one knob per function programming, at a fraction of the price of their flagship model. And I’m personally intrigued by the multidrive circuit.

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