Nektar Introduces Panorama P1 USB DAW Controller


2013 NAMM Show: Nektar has announced the Panorama P1, a new USB controller surface that offers deep integration with Cubase and Reason.

Like Nektar’s Panorama P4 and P6 USB controller keyboards, the Panorama P1 features extensive generic MIDI controller capabilities, that allow it to work with any DAW, plus deep instrument and device control integration technology for Cubase and Reason.

The Panorama P1 features nine 45mm faders, 16 endless encoders, 8 LED buttons, 11 transport buttons, 22 Navigation buttons, 11 F-keys buttons, 1 assignable foot switch socket and a color high resolution TFT display. That that translates into over 60 assignable controls are available at any one time.

Pricing and Availability

The Nektar Panorama P1 will be available in April 2013 with an RRP of USD 299.99/ Euro 259.99/ GBP219.99. See the Nektar site for more info.

13 thoughts on “Nektar Introduces Panorama P1 USB DAW Controller

  1. That thing sure is pretty, particularly the LCD. I don’t presently need another device like this, but Nektar has shown a lot of promise and ingenuity with this series of controllers. They should be a good influence on the industry.

  2. I’m not quite sure why they put the knobs up top the way they did, all staggered. I have a DIY controller I made from an old keyboard that has the same look. I’m surprised they didn’t just put the knobs on top of the other knobs that are right there. Then you’d have symmetry, at least. Plus another 8 knobs would make it perfect, so I could assign EQ to all three knobs on top of my faders. I think that needs to be changed to make this product viable. At the very least, the 8 knobs up top need to be neatly placed above the other 8.

    1. I’m guessing from the image that they are meant to mimic the 4 knobs on the LCD (which were obviously organized with screen real-estate in mind). Likely, the 8 knobs across the faders are for pan, hence why keeping them in-line with the faders, while the other 4 are grouped as they are, is pretty smart.

      Less likely to attempt to pan something left, and accidentally change that “perfect” filter position you spent ten minutes fine-tuning…

      1. Yes, he staggered knobs are as the LCD, but should really ha e been next to the LCD so you can see the la sling by the knobs….

        Where is the rumoured 88 note board with this controler, or the native Live Control?

  3. This thing looks like a cross between NI’s Kore and the chassis for an Elektron Octatrack.

    By the way, where did Nektar come from? They’re logo and design do look conspicuously similar to Elektron. Also, the “k” in place of “c” has me wondering. Can anyone confirm this? Did I miss the press release somewhere? Did Elektron start a midi controller wing?

    1. I have an Octatrack right here and they don’t look that similar to me. More likely the k in Nektar is to avoid a trademark conflict.

      1. you’re right. and I kinda eff’d up my sentence really bad. I meant chassis style like kore with buttons & faders *kinda* like elektrons. but whatever, it’s different. just a observation.

  4. 16 endless encoders, 8 LED buttons, 11 transport buttons, 22 Navigation buttons, 11 F-keys buttons, 1 assignable foot switch socket and a color high resolution TFT display…
    That’s fantastic,
    also there’s no thing as infinite faders,
    and motorized faders cost too much.

    why not something like touch strips?
    a la Akai MAX49?
    to use those “strip/faders” with different banks/scenes/whatever and avoid jumping values?

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