M-Audio Intros Three New Axiom AIR MIDI Controllers


M-Audio has introduced three new Axiom AIR USB/MIDI controllers, the Axiom AIR 61, Axiom AIR 49, and Axiom AIR 25.

Key Features:

  • Illuminated knob and pad controls
  • In addition to measuring how hard you strike, the pads also respond to pressure for enhanced control.
  • Keyboard offers aftertouch
  • Angled backlit display
  • Longer-throw faders
  • Clearance under the body providing a path for cabling
  • Each Axiom AIR 61, 49 and 25 controller comes with Ignite by AIR and Pro Tools Express from Avid.

Here are the details on the three new MIDI controllers:

  • Axiom AIR 25 – offers 16 pads and 25 synth-action keys—with aftertouch. Assignable controls include 8 rotary encoder knobs and 1 long-throw 70mm fader.
  • Axiom AIR 49 – features 12 pads and 49 synth-action keys—with aftertouch. Assignable controls include 8 rotary encoder knobs, 9 buttons, and 9 long-throw 70mm faders.
  • Axiom Air 61 – delivers 61 TruTouch, semi-weighted keys with aftertouch. Assignable controls include 8 rotary encoder knobs, 9 buttons, and 9 long-throw 70mm faders.

Pricing and availability are TBA.

13 thoughts on “M-Audio Intros Three New Axiom AIR MIDI Controllers

  1. I think this one and the new Akai Max is way better than the new Novation Launchkey. I’m not shure about the touch faders in the Akai and I’m a little bit frustrated by the lack of real knobs, besides that it have CV/Gate output and red color! But this new Axiom have compatibillity with the Hypercontroll software, and I maybe the quallity of the keys is better than the previous generation.

    1. I agree!!! why did they do that!
      The only think I’m sure of…
      in the land of this year’s 25keys controllers
      isn’t this the only one with 16 pads in an MPC layout?
      that’s surely better for all the people used to it (see Maschine…)
      Akai’s MAX25 has only 8 pads (but it surely has other strengths)
      Novation’s different layout and pad dimension seems more targeted
      to abletonians that don’t like, or won’t wait to be Push-ed

  2. M-AUDIO is now part of inmusicbrands.com inc.
    inMusic is the parent company for a family of premier brands that includes AIR Music Technology, Akai Professional, Alesis, Alto Professional, ION Audio, M-Audio, MixMeister, Numark, and Sonivox
    enough said.
    cross brand propaganda.
    MPC layout agenda.

    Wow, this Sensimilla is unbelievable

  3. Been following these for months, there was no mention of aftertouch until yesterday, nice surprise.
    Now I can stop bitching about aftertouch so much. Only problem is: this has the sweet 16-pad array but no DIN MIDI. The Akai MAX25 has DIN MIDI plus CV and step sequencing/arp but only 8 pads.
    I think inmusicbrands has differentiated these so successfully that I need both. Dammit.

  4. I like the general layout, but the main thing I want to know is this: does the action feel like a wooden plank, a Chinese knockoff Casio or an actual instrument I can engage like an organ or a Clav. Its become a given that you can generally assign CCs as you please, but a good feel has been, um, more elusive. Yes, that’s subjective, but I’m sure this crowd at least understands the desire for a responsive action.

  5. Hey Fungo McGurk –

    Do you mean “piano-like” regarding the keyboard feel???

    I am an old-school Jazz saxophonist and I play piano as well; I am looking for a piano-type feel on a controller. The second generation version essentially has same; query whether the AIR version does as well.

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