Arturia Intros Minilab Universal Midi Controller


2013 NAMM Show: Arturia has introduced the MiniLab USB Controller – a portable MIDI controller + software combo.


  • 25 note velocity sensitive mini keyboard.
  • 16 encoders
  • 16 pads (two banks of 8 pads/buttons)
  • Pitchbend/Modulation touch strip
  • Footswitch input
  • Recessed full sized USB jack
  • Bus powered, Class compliant
  • Works with iPAD (camera connection kit required)
  • Comes with Analog Lab software
  • 5000 sounds from the best synths and keyboards

Here’s a video intro:

Arturia MiniLab is priced at US $129 / EURO 99.

29 thoughts on “Arturia Intros Minilab Universal Midi Controller

  1. Is the Analog Lab software that this comes with superior or inferior to the Analog Factory software that their other sw/hw hybrids come with (Analog Experience; The Player, The Factory, The Laboratory)?

    1. By “junk” you mean a nice little hardware controller and 5,000 presets of the best
      software synths ever made? For 100 US. Yeah, junk. If you had handed this same
      product to anyone 15 years ago they would have shit their pants. Literally. This is
      fantastic. For a lot of producers this is synths done and done, for a hundred dollars.

      1. yeah, the 15 years ago argument. that works. this thing is craptastic. and your right, i’m sure for many producers it will be one stop shopping. for the next two years i imagine every “passion pit” in the world will be using the same darn sounds on this thing thinking they are using real analog. this is rehashed junk.

        1. What I love is that any kid can pick this up.. and be more productive than older more seasoned vets. The whole thing with Djs doing it with MP3s and controllers compared to the whole pre auto sync days . Guess who lost that war?
          This arturia thing would never replace the gear I already have.. but to be able to just take this and a laptop anywhere makes this a whole different beast. Its all about the love for making sounds… and Im sure 5000 presets and everything for the price point will make any smoke out well worth it in locations you never would be able to go otherwize

        2. It must suck being old, angry, and obsolete. Go change your Depends and play with your modular synth making shitty noises that no one will ever hear, old man.

          1. wow, someone has a problem with a “preset” synth and they are old and irrelevant? go back and continue cashing your arturia checks, and in 15 years look back at the amazing songs you made with all the same tired sounds as the next guy, somehow thinking deep down in your soul that you are pushing the artistic barrier.

        3. But taking the Pre packaged sounds out of the equation, Its looking like the best mini/portable solution i have seen so far, just to use as a midi controller, its got all you could need and the 16×16 encoders via the midi channels has me won over, i cant wait to use mine when it arrives,To me its not about the sounds included, but what portable midi control solution it offers, weather it be for production/ performance or maybe even extra parameters via some DJ software, depending on what i use. so many uses and all in a neat little package for a cheap price and looks Adam site better overall than all the other portable solutions,a useful little gem i am expecting.

      2. one bad word literally and you go off like that? junk was not meant that derogative. actually i think it looks alot better than the smilar previous stuff the did. but they seem to be recycling alot of code on different products.

        look, i have their complete analog package and the laboratory. believe me i made an active effort to like them but the usability, stability, and overall flow was a disaster. some patches standalone would bring the cpu down like nobodies business.
        my experience was very disappointing. the i got the korg legacy and it was the complete opposite.
        get that for nickles.

  2. Only on the internet can lonely, pissed off ass*oles find something wrong with a controller with these features at this price.

  3. I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again. Expecting gear snobs to give something like this a chance is like telling a puppy not to piss on the floor. You can rant and rave all you want, but eventually you’re gonna have to roll up a newspaper and smack them on the nose

  4. i really feel like this is only comparable to the mini-controller lines from korg, akai, m-audio, etc… in which case it’s simultaneously the most expensive and the best deal. looks sharp!

  5. by the way “15 years ago this would be groundbreaking” argument does not work. in any discussion – on any subject. not trying to be insulting.

    1. I think the “15 years ago” argument was referring to how accessible and affordable a decent controller and fairly extensive library of sound have become as of late.

      15 years ago I was probably rocking Steinberg’s lovely Neon, and something like the MiniLab would have blown me away and likely have cost a grand. Nothing wrong with appreciating how far things have come!

      And good on you for admitting you actually paid for Arturias software! I kid, only kidding ….ahem

      1. but so are cars and penicilin. there is no point in there. we live in now and our product expectations are based on present day.
        and yeah, but i only gave them money once. wont be hapening again though. arturia, alesis, waldorf and akai are on my “do not buy” list. ni is coming close.

          1. the stuff is good and recommended. i was annoyed by the fact the customers were given a very narrow timeframe to upgrade to komplete ultimate. after that the pricing went up alot. that ontop of kore fiasco. i dont like beeing pushed into buying stuff. i´w wait for the next komplete though so the reverb plugins are included.

  6. Cars and penicillin?? Lol now you’re just arguing with your personal demons or something. Just buy products you like, avoid those you don’t, and move on dude! And quit procrastinating your next song!

  7. Wood side panels = win! 😀

    Clearly it’s only a matter of time before Arturia’s nostalgia disease worsens and forces them to release more analog hardware like the Minibrute!!

    Might I suggest an analog polysynth or an inexpensive modular?

  8. Question: Is this worth buying as a noob/beginner?

    I read a sentence somewhere that says the knobs, pads and software are well worth the 90€, except the keys, not so much… 😛
    However, I don’t even have any MIDI-Controller yet..

    I looked up the Korg MiniKey that was mentioned here, but it also has only the minikeys as it appears…

    I’m a poor and lazy student 😉 so I can’t afford much more right now

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