The Wall Of Doom Moog Modular Synthesizer


At the 2013 NAMM Show, Sonic State synth guru Nick Batt caught up with synth education rock star Marc Doty to take a look at the Wall Of Doom – a massive Moog modular synthesizer, owned by prog synthesist Erik Norlander.

Norlander generously shared his synth for the show with the non-profit Bob Moog Foundation, to help them demonstrate the power of Bob Moog’s work. Check it out:

As you might imagine, if you get that much synth geekitude in one place, and that much synth, something awesome is probably going to happen. And – while the vintage Moog modular sounds good on video – it sounded epic in person.

10 thoughts on “The Wall Of Doom Moog Modular Synthesizer

  1. true home of moog.. this is where they shine on like crazy diamonds

    i really wish they would make some modern modular systems at competitive prices, but ima go ahead and give up on that right now

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  2. Probably really hard to catch the sound with no direct connection and in that environment, but it still sounds fantastic. As a person who’s just started down the modular rabbit hole, videos like this gives me the chills 😉

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