Ignite Designed To Get Out Of Your Way When You Want To Make Music


At the 2013 NAMM ShowAIR Music Technology showed a new ‘music ideation and creation’ app, Ignite.

Ignite is designed to let you build songs in a more organic manner than traditional DAWs, letting you move audio and MIDI ideas around in a virtual workspace. 


  • Capture ideas quickly—with professional results
  • Easily combine and arrange individual ideas
  • Unique musician-centric workflow
  • Intuitive graphic interface speeds creation
  • Smart MIDI Players aid composition
  • 275+ superior instrument sounds created by AIR
  • Instant, hassle-free M-Audio keyboard integration
  • Collaborate and share songs via SoundCloud
  • Export WAV, MP3, and MIDI for use in any DAW

Here’s a video overview of Ignite:

“We’re musicians who were never really satisfied with the music-making experience on any DAW,” said Samara Winterfeld, Principal Product Manager, AIR Music Technology, “So we built Ignite for ourselves and for musicians everywhere who want to capture and develop their musical ideas in ways that are intuitive and inspiring.”

See the In Music site for more info.

23 thoughts on “Ignite Designed To Get Out Of Your Way When You Want To Make Music

  1. Good god, that is a boring video. I couldn’t stick with it long enough to be sure what ignite does, but my gut says,”DAW for Dummies.”

    “We’re musicians who were never really satisfied with the music-making experience on any DAW” = RTFM

  2. The only thing I could possibly like about this is IF it adds some functionality to the utterly abandoned m-audio Venom synth. Anyone know if its compatible?

  3. The interface seems to bombard wth user with alot of unnecessary, confusing decisions, such as auto updates etc. I would imagine the easiest DAW would be a blank screen and a record button. But I’m not seeing how this DAW is uniquely easy, or any simpler than ableton or fruityloops….

  4. Some good ideas here, but it’s more or less just Garage Band slightly beefed up. I think I’d probably reach the limits of this pretty quickly, but it looks good for beginners who just want to get music down rather than people like me who anally obsess about every detail of the production

  5. I downloaded the BETA ver. IF you have an original Axiom 61 it will work . but the latency was so bad even tweaking the sound card to max was un playable. have to have one of their new controllers. Funny how Maudio comes out with a controller and software (Enigima) and right after that the abandon the keyboard support and come out with a new model withe new software and no update for the original keyboard. I guess manufactures only care about that first sale . after that their done with you your on your own.. Guess its better to wait for the second model to come out then buy that.

  6. I had to wind back to check if she said “Once you set the time signature at start of a project, you can’t change it again.” and she really did say it. How lame is that 😀 !

    1. I think this video is very informative and well-done. This is actually what I prefer, to get a real sense of the capabilities and work flow. The software is not for me, I use a more full-featured DAW, but I frankly welcome any competition to Apple’s Garageband.

      Also, kudos to them for admitting that you only get one time-sig per piece. That’s the case with other DAWs, but you don’t hear them admitting it. Far from lame.

      As for the software “getting out of your way” it really depends what your “way” is.

  7. I’d have to see it in action, but I like the idea of attempting a different approach for ideas. I would love a quick “audio sketchpad” to build song ideas and notes. DAWs don’t have to be complex or even have long lists of features to get the job done. Big, fancy, or expensive may not always translate to intelligent. Having often wished that DAWs could do seemingly simple things that they’re sometimes incapable of, usually its someone with a novel approach who is the game changer.

  8. Tried this last week, its not bad software at all considering its FREE, theres a lot of good sounds packed in here. Air has always made so good sounding stuff.

  9. If you subscribe to the “time is money” saying then nothing is free. Even free stuff cost time one can spend otherwise. It looks like a fun sketching app, too bad I’m on Snow Leopard and only Lion and Mountain Lion are supported.

  10. I usually use Ableton Live Suite 8 to pin down ideas, but I gave it a go.
    I really like the concept of simplicity. Read the advert: 275+ sounds. Take that times 100 and you have the amount of presets a DAW usually advertises with. That shows really well where Ignite (a very true name imo) is heading to. The sounds are easy to reach, easy to manipulate while sounding very very good. One can experience that these guys are coming from making pro audio software. And creating an arrangement/clip-flow or how ever you wanna name it is developing into the right direction. A little bit “blurry” at times but hey: It’s the initial version!

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