New Modular Synth Rack Extensions For Reason

Developer Ochen K. has release the A-Series Modular Synth – a set of modular synth components to allow you to design your own synth in Reason

The A-Series components aren’t hard-coded together, meaning that the audio and CV signal paths between all the components that make up your synth are completely up to you.

The A-Series 1 is the firsts of two rack extensions to launch in the A-Series. The other is the A-Series 2.

  • The A-Series 1 contains a midi-to-CV converter, a VCO, an envelope generator, a VCA, and an LFO.
  • The A-Series 2 contains a poly splitter, a sample and hold, a noise generator, a VCF, a ring modular, and a mixer.


The A-Series 1 rack extension contains the following modules:

  • A-19SEQ – A midi-to-CV converter, receiving midi signals from a midi keyboard or the Reason sequencer, of from rack sequencers like the Matrix, and converts the signals into CV (note) data and gate (velocity) data. These signals can then be routed to control any other device, such as a VCO or envelope generator.
  • A-11VCO – A voltage controlled oscillator generating four waveforms – saw, square, triangle, and sine – all at the same time. The A-11VCO has a 7-octave range with coarse and fine tuning, can accept and mix a second pitch modulation signal to create FM-like effects, and can modulate the pulse width of square waves. Each parameter can be controlled by CV input.
  • A-14ADSR – An envelope generator with three speed ranges and standard attack, decay, sustain, and release parameters. Each parameter can be controlled by CV input.
  • A-13VCA – A voltage controlled amplifier allowing multiple signals to control a sound’s gate shape, with two gain CV ins and a two-in audio mixer. Each parameter can be controlled by CV input.
  • A-14LFO – An LFO with four signal waveforms – saw, square, triangle, and sine, three cycle speed ranges, with both free-running and tempo-synced cycles, and pulse width modulation of the square wave signal. Each parameter can be controlled by CV input.

See the Propellerhead Shop for more details.

12 thoughts on “New Modular Synth Rack Extensions For Reason

  1. I’m so surprised this wasn’t a thing from Reason 1.0. It seems like this would have been something reason was used for since the beginning.

  2. This would be really cool/useful if the CV resolution was higher in Reason. The highest frequency you can do with those CV ports in Reason are ~300Hz, so no high-frequency modulation.

    1. Well, it’s been discussed on the Reason forum and ‘audio’ cables could be used for audio rate modulation sources/destinations.

  3. Thats a cool idea. I wonder if it’s possible to rig something similar with MaxforLive. The virtual cabling makes reason a natural fit.

  4. Poly splitter? Very interesting. Would be really cool to drive several Thors in monophonic mode and give each one it’s own patch (subtly different or way out there). Kind of like an Oberheim 4 Voice.

  5. ive spent two days loving these extensions. after a few hours i got a 32 voice monophonic monster combi saved, and starting a poly version, 3 full screens and atleast ~200 cables in – got about 16 voices per key. very low cpu strain as well – these things are an awesome development. the more time you spend – the more powerful it gets. then, you can add your filters, distortion, chorus unison…. wherever in the path you damn choose. cheers to the dev, this is worth every penny, and it wasent that many of them to boot. onto day three.

    1. I’d love to know how Reason’s sales are doing since they got the new Rack format released. It doesn’t seem unreasonable to think it will pick up steam, going this route. A fair number of people use Reason within their DAWs because its scary-powerful, applied that way. Just curious, since its not the usual shape of the things we like to argue over.

  6. I have just imported rack bolts for these systems. Anyone seeking any , I can supply a substantial quality.
    Just leave contact details for price and shipping………

  7. Surprised this article didn’t mention the price – at only $9 each this developer’s extensions are way better value than most.

  8. Pretty damn cool. There are so many ridiculous possibilities with these modules in Reason. I’ve got to give this a try.

  9. Funny, a primitive Doepfer A-100 software clone for digital folks. They’ve just taken the last digit away from the original module numbers! How original… where is the A-13 matrix mixer?!

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