19 thoughts on “The Orage Magnétique Modular Synthesizer

  1. There seems to be this knee jerk reaction that if its modular then it has to be amazing! This just sounds like every other modular I’ve heard, something that just spurts out bbc radiophonic like bleeps, distortions, etc, etc, its nothing new is it……..I’d be more impressed if these things could actually be used to play something I havn’t heard before…. just same old, same old….

    1. I kind of agree. I see all these demos and videos of various modular stuff on youtube and other sites, and SO much of it sounds the same. That could be down to the imagination/capabilities of the people who own the equipment, or it could be a reflection on the equipment. Because there are some modules out there (for example by Make Noise) that should be able to do some pretty interesting stuff.

      However, there are some plug-ins out there that can do equally fantastic stuff. For instance, the Echophone from Make Noise and Soundhack man Tom Erbe should be great, yet I have still not seen a demo that can make it sound fantastic. At the same time, his plug-in series make noises that are unheard of … and they are a LOT cheaper, if you already own a Mac or PC.

    2. Modular synths ARE amazing. The sounds they make are purely down to the musician/operator. It’s not the knobs on the synth, it’s the knob who’s using using it.

      The same criticism (which I tend to agree with having seen/listened to various appalling YouTube vids) could be levelled at any instrument – violin, guitar, piano, whatever but listen to the sublime textures people like Tomita coaxed out of their old modulars. Breathtakingly and achingly beautiful and ethereal.

      Sadly, the trend these days tends towards glitchy, distorted stuff because that (sadly) seems to be the fashion. But it needn’t be that way.

      If you heard a violin or guitar being played badly, would you be so quick to dismiss those instruments?

      I happen to agree with you – there are SO many shabby ‘demos’ of modular synths out there that do them no favours and I know people who make this stuff who are – frankly – embarrassed by what some people post on YouTube because although it’s one aspect of modular synthesis, it’s not necessarily representative of what their superb products are capable of.

      I don’t know … it’s like somebody suddenly acquires the power of speech and all they can do is swear and shout profanities – they need to learn the subtleties of expressive language. Sadly, some never get beyond the self-indulgent swearing bit of it!

      But please don’t dismiss modulars just because you’ve had the misfortune to hear some bad examples. In the right hands (like any instrument) they can be wonderful.

      I do take your point though!

      1. I’m not sure if they are AMAZING? The only reason I can think of to actually own a modular synthesizer is to try to emulate a TB-303, and they usually do a pretty awful job of it.

    3. All ive ever seen from you is non constructive moaning about what stuff isn’t or should be/do…. Its 100% born out if your own frustration with missing the point. What exactly do you want to see/hear? What’s your idea for “new sound” If you have an idea of a sound or simply want to experiment then that’s why you would use a modular. You tell it how to sound from the ground up!! Seriously worrying how this comment has 8 likes!! i wouldn’t be surprised if you had multiple accounts so you can like your own Nonsense.

      1. By “you” I mean king korg.

        I might add its a very exciting thing that small companies are able to create these instruments once again for those who know.

        1. The point is there not trying to re create the wheel but are contributing to a growing and important scene where people consider sound to be worth the effort.

  2. never heard before… i don’t think thats what you should be asking for but rather links to music that use modulars in a beautiful way. (in which case I would say there are many but that also depends on your genre of taste) what exactly do you want as far as something you have never heard before. thats like saying they should stop making guitars because fender and gibson are all you need. A rather limited mindset don’t you think? and for the record.. maybe try checking the hollow sun record label? (figured I would say it before he had to) some excellent modular made music on there

    1. I think atomic shadow is replying to King Kong who dismissed these “modular” instruments as “HIAB” because the demos he’s seen DONT produce something wildly new to his ear every time.

  3. Hmmm… “Post links where we can hear your music that uses sounds that we have never heard before.”
    What’s the point?

    I do not expect a piano to sound as never heard before.
    I do not expect a guitar to sound as never heard before.
    I do not expect a bass to sound as never heard before.
    And I do not expect an analog synth to sound as never heard before.

    Yes, I do expect to find different chatacters in different analog synth, as I expect a Fender Stratocaster to have a different character form a Gibson Les Paul.

    And I do expect these instrument to be played to produce interesting music.

    But what’s the point in expecting different sounds from an instrument designed to produce these type of sounds?

    If you want to hear some new sounds, put your head in a metallic pot, go under a shower and open it, ask a friend of yours to bang the pot with a hammer, while another friend of yours throws glasses on the floor.

    You will hear something never heard before.

    So what?


    1. I think atomic shadow is replying to King Kong who dismissed these “modular” instruments as “HIAB” because the demos he’s seen DONT produce something wildly new to his ear every time.

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