What Classic Electronic Music Gear Should Roland Bring Back?

roland-logoAt the 2013 NAMM Show, one of the biggest trends was that companies are looking to the past for inspiration and bringing classic gear of the past to new audiences.

The two most notable examples of this were probably the Buchla Electronic Music Instruments’ Electric Music Box – a recreation of a Don Buchla classic – and the Korg MS-20 Mini – a new version of their classic analog synthesizer.

Roland has their own treasure chest of vintage electronic music gear designs that they could mine, ranging from their vintage synths. to their classic analog and digital drum machines, to their unique bassline synths.

Do you think that Roland should revisit the past for inspiration? If so – what piece of classic Roland gear should they bring back?

134 thoughts on “What Classic Electronic Music Gear Should Roland Bring Back?

  1. The 808 and the 909! They’re nowadays expensive as ****! Like the MS-20 mini from Korg, it should have usb to be connected to the PC

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  2. I dont think Roland should bring anything back. A brand new reissue 808 or 909 will be just as expensive as a vintage one. I dont want a reissue of the 303. There are enough clones. It will also devalue the originals.
    I’d rather see a new synth with filters based on the originals. Or a new drum machine in the same category as the Tempest but with analogue circuitry and a modern feature set.
    I dont trust Roland to do it well though. They will stick that d-beam crap on it and it’ll have that horrible font they use and the childish paint job on a cheap plastic box. Roland used to be the epitome of quality. Then suddenly they became utter rubbish in the mid 90’s. Remember the MC-303? Yea we know that it wasn’t analogue but it was so badly put together. Cheap pcm samples in a cheap box using cheap circuity with really awful sounding fx. A horrible sounding machine whos only job was to cash in on Rolands past glories. I hate the way Roland still use numbers like 303, 808, 909, and rehashing the Juno and Jupiter names. I simply dont trust the company anymore. They will have to seriously have to compromise the cheap priced tat and start working on products that will restore their prestige.

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  3. Well, Korg brought back the MS-20. I almost pooped my pants in surprise. I guess hell did froze over..
    They really need to bring back the VC-10, MS-10, MS-50, SQ-10. The MS-20 is proof that it’s possible to make an affordable and 100% analog synths in 2013.
    Roland and Yamaha really needs to wake up!
    I guess i’m stuck with software emulations till then. At least they could all really make some great emus in AU and VST format of these classic instruments. These big names used to bring us wonderful instruments, but now they focus on releasing one useless sample player after the other. Very disappointing for sure. Maybe they should hire some musicians, that are also engineers, and not just engineers without any vision.

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  4. Bring back an improved MC 307. Something with reliable timing and powerful enough to pull an Ableton session. With improved buttons that don’t lose sensitivity. Hell. Throw in a D Beam. And get rid of all the crap presets. Okay, have a couple of preset songs but make one of them b the theme song from Futurama. But keep the look. I love the look of the old Groovebox.

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  5. The SH5, similar to the MS20 in shape, but a monster in a box.
    Doesn’t have the patch cable array the MS20 does, and has no need for it.
    This is the first synth with a bender bar ever produced, and we’re not talking about some flimsy piece of plastic but a metal arc with a wonderful little handle at the top.

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