Faderfox UC3 – ‘The Swiss Army Knife Of Controllers’



Faderfox has introduced a new MIDI controller, the UC3 Universal Controller, that they call ‘the Swiss army knife of controllers’.

UC3 is a universal controller for all kinds of midi controllable software on Mac, PC and iPad.

The Faderfox UC3 has 8 push-encoders and 9 faders, all switchable to 8 groups that allow to control a total amount of 136 control parameters. All controls are independently programmable by a small display.

The factory settings are designed to be perfect for controlling music and video software products out of the box, but they are freely assignable. The UC3 also comes with a control surface script for Ableton Live 8.

Here are the details.




  • Universal controller for all kinds of midi controllable software
  • iPad compatible with camera connection kit
  • Control surface setup for Ableton Live 8 is included (no manual mapping necessary)
  • USB interface – class compliant / no driver necessary
  • 8 push encoders without detents (resolution about 36 pulses)
  • 8 faders with 45 mm length
  • crossfader with 45 mm length
  • 4-digit-display to show control values and programming data
  • 14 bit high resolution encoder mode for sensitive parameters
  • data feedback for encoders avoid value jumps
  • All controls fully programmable in the device by channel, type, number and mode
  • Advanced programming functions like copy, paste and channel set
  • 8 groups for all controls
  • About 136 commands per setup (17 controls x 8 groups)
  • 16 setups with backup functionality
  • USB bus powering –­­ consumption less than 500mW / 100mA
  • Very compact design in a black, plastic casing with metal faceplate (180x105x70 mm, 350 g)

The Faderfox UC3 is priced at 169 Euro (incl. VAT). See the Faderfox site for details.

13 thoughts on “Faderfox UC3 – ‘The Swiss Army Knife Of Controllers’

    1. Kenton are still in business? I though they had stopped making MIDI controllers a while ago except for the Killamix which has less buttons and cost twice the price of the UC3.

  1. Finally programmable, but no 5pin midi ports, just lousy USB?? FF, what where you thinking??? This would have made decent controller for external hardware.

      1. From what ive heard you need a processor to convert usb to midi protocol. It would be an expensive and rather bulky adapter im afraid. Hope someone will prove me wrong eventually. Maybe the guys from midi solutions or iconnect..

        1. Hmmm, never thought of using a USB MIDI interface like that, not sure that would work….

          No, you are correct WOT, I was thinking along the lines of the little MIDI Solutions boxes.
          But there’s another $40 or so, when manufactures SHOULD just keep putting actual MIDI ports on their MIDI controllers!

  2. Wow, the jackasses and their haterade came out of the woodwork for this one. These are really well made controllers, and they just dropped the price. The lack of the DIN socket kind of sucks, but these are top quality units and super portable.

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