Free Hardcore Audio Tool, Giada


Monocasual has released version 0.5.8 of Giada – a ‘minimal, hardcore audio tool for DJs and live performers’.

Giada lets you load or record up to 32 samples, and play them in single mode (drum machine) or loop mode (sequencer).  It’s available for Linux, Mac & Windows.

New in the release:

  • Internal samplerate conversion — thanks to libsamplerate, you can configure the sample rate of your soundcard; samples will be transformed accordingly;
  • New “internal mute” feature — mute actions work in a separate layer and they no longer affect the mute button;
  • Bring channels automatically to full volume on sample load.

Giada is a free download.

If you’ve used Giada, let us know what you think of it!

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