18 thoughts on “Klaus Schulze Berlin School Synth Jam (1977)

    1. All of you who say you can perform on your s–ty iphone the same type of music and sound equal to this or that composer I strongly recommend that you go to see an Audiometrist. You guys are simply trying to convince yourselves you did the right thing throwing your money on such a piece of c–p (from a musical point of view).

  1. Did you notice the rare (black) Synthanorma SQ 312 sequencer on the left side (on top of the ARP 2600)?
    A very fine piece of gear made by the Synthesizerstudio Bonn in Germany.
    I never enjoyed his fast synth solos though.

  2. I love Klaus’ work. I was especially pulled into the growing synth lexicon by “Timewinds.” Likewise, I feel restless at hearing so many revisit the Berlin style so often. Even speaking as someone with a long row of space music LPs and a lot of regard for our synth godfathers, that style came about at a specific time in history, musically and technologically. It should be PART of what we do, but not such a looping centerpiece. When you play a piece of your music and someone mentions another artist right away, you should probably reconsider how you apply your effort. I encourage you to listen to a good handful of William Orbit. He’s a great example of someone who bridges old and new in ways that demand a few re-listenings to absorb. Its often deceptively simple music, until you get a handle on the actual harmonic weaving of it.

  3. @Fungo McGurk: I’m more into that old-school stuff, but like what you’ve written. What album from William Orbit would you mention that I should hear?

  4. I like how Schulze created his own sound, and has never really tried to be current or cool.

    Very cool video, too, like you are looking over his shoulder.

  5. Blinkin nora that was good. My set up is built around me sitting on a big cushion by the fire. Desks remind me of jobs and work. For some reason though its giving me bald legs :).

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