I Dream Of Wires (Hardcore Edition) Now Available To Order

Producers of I Dream of Wires (IDOW) – an upcoming, independent documentary film about the resurgence of the modular synthesizer – have released this trailer for I Dream Of Wires (Hardcore Edition).

The new film explores the passions, obsessions and dreams of people who have dedicated part of their lives to this esoteric electronic music machine. Written and directed by Robert Fantinatto, with Jason Amm (Ghostly International recording artist Solvent) serving as producer and co-writer, IDOW is set to receive it’s festival premiere, May 2013.

Preceding IDOW’s official theatrical release, the producers will be releasing a special, extended cut – I Dream Of Wires (Hardcore Edition). (IDOW-HE) will be released independently on BluRay / 2xDVD, and shipped to all IndieGoGo and pre-order customers, June 2013.

IDOW-HE is for the hardcore modular synthesizer and electronic music fanatics, and will run approximately 4 hours long (!).

IDOW-HE is a limited-edition item, available to order from 2/11 – 5/31, 2013.

Themogene (I Dream Of Wires theme), from the forthcoming IDOW original soundtrack album by Solvent, is available to listen/download in its entirety via Ghostly International on Soundcloud,

Additional music/sounds featured in this trailer: Container, Jack Dangers (Meat Beat Manifesto), Richard Devine, John Elliott (Spectrum Spools/ex-Emeralds), Gert Jalass (Moon Modular), Richard Lainhart, Solvent, Jon Sonnenberg (Travelogue), Keith Fullerton Whitman.

“Who said that?” (in order of appearance): Brad Garton, Dean Batute, Maggie Payne, Bernie Krause, William Maginnis, Terry Pender, Jack Dangers (Meat Beat Manifesto), Benge (John Foxx and the Maths), Vince Clarke (Erasure), Daniel Miller (Mute Records), David Kronemeyer, Jon Sonnenberg (Travelogue), Carl Craig, James Holden, Richard Devine, Luke Abbott, Tony Rolando (Make Noise), Flood, Trent Reznor (NiN/How To Destroy Angels), Dieter Doepfer, Dominic Butler (Factory Floor), Paul Schreiber (Synthesis Technology/MOTM), David Kronemeyer, Eric Barbour (Metasonix), George Mattson, William Mathewson (WMD), Tony Rolando, Eric Barbour, Daniel Miller, Drew Neumann, John Elliott (Spectrum Spools/ex-Emeralds), Andreas Schneider (SchneidersBuero), Eric Barbour, Scott Jaeger (The Harvestman), Andreas Schneider, Dieter Doepfer, Chris Carter (X-TG/Chris & Cosey), Charlie Clouser, Danjel Van Tijn (Intellijel), John Tejada, Drumcell, Legowelt, Alessandro Cortini (SONOIO/ex-NiN), John Foxx, Deadmau5, James Husted (Synthwerks), Paul Barker (Malekko/ex-Ministry), Container, Cevin Key (Skinny Puppy), Robert A.A. Lowe, Trent Reznor, Gur Milstein (TipTop Audio), Gary Numan.

18 thoughts on “I Dream Of Wires (Hardcore Edition) Now Available To Order

    1. Then there will be the people griping about all the stuff you couldn’t cover!

      Looks like this is coming together nicely. Must be tough editing all the footage down to standard film length.

    1. When i get mine i can gift you a digital copy if thats ok with everyone . i thought i was going to have to buy a player until i remembered ps3 had a blu-ray

    1. Synth meetup = sausage fest.

      It’s not the documentary’s fault – the audience for modular synths is mostly middle aged white guys.

      1. RE “It’s not the documentary’s fault – the audience for modular synths is mostly middle aged white guys.” – Thank you – that’s it exactly, we’re just reporting on what’s there. I find that Carl Craig comment pretty offensive BTW – Carl Craig isn’t a token anything – he’s one of the world’s most enduring and respected techno artists, and a modular user.

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