Free Album Celebrates Musique Concrète & The Legacy Of Pierre Schaeffer

Free Music Friday: Reader Atomic Shadow (Rod Mitchell) let us know about a new album that celebrates musique concrète & the legacy of electronic music pioneer Pierre Schaeffer.

The album, Fifteen Studies of Noises from Pierre Schaeffer, is a compilation album from IFAR, the Institute For Alien Reaserch. This is one in a series of 40 planned musique concrète albums, each with a specific theme. The subject of this album was Pierre Schaeffer – the father of musique concrète.

It’s a free download at bandcamp. Check it out and let us know what you think!

7 thoughts on “Free Album Celebrates Musique Concrète & The Legacy Of Pierre Schaeffer

  1. There are several albums dedicated to Musique Concrete available for free download at the IFAR BandCamp site. There are Atomic Shadow tracks on the albums “Found” and “Time Lapse.” All of the collections feature a variety of talented artists.

    1. Music that explores a more conceptual approach, and thus creating an entirely unique set of sounds/composition. For example, the band Matmos created an entire album of nothing but sampled sounds from an operating room.

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