Macro Acid – The Roland TB-303


Saturday Synth Porn: Here’s an ‘extreme close up look’ at the Roland TB-303 Computer Controlled Bassline Synthesizer, via maxeq.

Here’s what he has to say about the video:

I love this little machine, it has a unique sound. The ‘303’ was intended as a ‘bass’ machine but was not deemed successful by Roland so only 10-20k units were produced.

The 303s sound is affectionately referred to as ‘acid’ and it is the leading instrument in ‘acid techno’, a form of music that often focusses on one ‘pattern’ that evolves over the course of the track, from a low grumble all the way up to a distorted screech. This is achieved by the ‘tweaking’ of the 303 knobs.

‘Macro Acid’ let’s us see the 303 up close, it’s knobs, lights, markings and – in my machines case – all the wear and tear.

No video effects have been added. Everything you see … is the 303 … and a Kenton MIDI converter:)

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