Free Improvised Live Electronic Music

Sunday Synth Jam: Reader Damian Marhulets shared this video of a live set of dak.tilde – a live electronic trio – at the Ex.Tempore Festival in Hannover, Germany, which took place in November of last year.

dak.tilde is a live electronic trio working in a field of free improvisation music. Marhulets explains, “You can think of it as free jazz tradition translated into the realm of modern electronic music.”

See the dak.tilde site for more info.

18 thoughts on “Free Improvised Live Electronic Music

  1. Why can’t those guys stand still for a moment or two? All this posing makes me seasick and it certainly does not suit the music or a (perceived) level of pretentiousness.

    1. I had no problem with their body movements and view it no differently than how a jazz trio connects the music to the body. That’s what it’s all about, freedom of movement, no judgements, and dancing with sound. Beautiful work by these 3

      1. had me another watch . enjoyed it more this time . still think its a little excessive on the movements . reminds me of mma fighters with long hair who spend precious time each round moving the hair out their eyes . the music being the fighting , the movements the hair

  2. I would like to know about the instruments used. I think that a Korg MS20 is there, but…the other machines? It would be very good if someone from this trio explains the set used.

    Good music, and good video. Thanks.

    1. hi!

      kostia here, from the band. it’s amazing to see our video here on synthtopia! thanks for all of your comments. the instruments used in that performance are (sorted by players from left to right):
      damian: akai mpd 24, ableton live, korg kaoss pad (which broke down in the middle of the performance :)…)
      me: novation remote 37, ableton live, lemur on ipad
      david: korg ms10, ableton live & max4live, touchOSC on ipad
      if you have more questions, feel free to ask!

      cheers from germany –

    1. well here i am again . just showed my buddy this hes in tears . this is riot ending music . button mashing at its finest. malarkey comment was the best . having said that i am getting much pleasure out of this
      thumbs up to you fine sirs

  3. It is great to see some ‘Free Improvised Music’ on the synthtopia site. This kind of music will always divide opinion but it is important that it is seen/heard.

    I think that what is clear from the clip is the tight interaction between the three members and also their ability to react fast to each other – and that is quite hard to do with electronic instruments.

    Hopefully, I will see you guys in London sometime?

    1. ha, just left london this morning 🙁

      thanks for your comment! i love that city. if you can recommend a venue that might be interested in having us, feel free to PM me!

      cheers from berlin, kostia.

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