9 thoughts on “Kid Kasio – I Miss You

  1. I make eletronic music also, only on a Yamaha Motif XS. I was overwhelmed by the quality of your composition. Great bass line, excellent strings, and excellent voice. The music itself has more than enough potencial for being on the top Charts. You can bet. Thank you for sharing it with us. Great work! All the luck yo you. Eduardo, from Portugal.

  2. I don’t get it, so he basically copies pop from the 80’s and the modern touch is to ruin it with autotune. Huh….

    This guy can clearly sing why ruin it with that rubbish Cher-O-tronic voice sound.

    Again, just being honest and waiting for the downvotes for my honesty.

  3. Dire. Substandard Howard Jones, and thats saying something as HJ is the bottom of the synthpop barrel. The best bit was the Sakomoto riff. Dreadful shite.

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