Lauflicht Step Sequencer Now Supports Up To Four Novation LaunchPads

Developers have released a new version of Lauflicht, their Renoise step sequencer plugin for the Novation Launchpad.

Key new features are support for multiple Launchpads support and pattern load and mix mode.


  • multiple Launchpads support: cascading your Launchpads will extend the steps of the step sequencer. E.g. two Launchpads connected by the plugin will result into a 16 step hardware step sequencer.
  • pattern load mode: load one of up to sixteen stored patterns in real time into the step sequencer. You could even mix the tracks of two different patterns. The pattern load mode enhances the variety of sequencing in live situations.
  • easier installation – automatic detection of the Launchpad(s), no MIDI settings in Renoise needed
  • settings of the control matrix can be stored and loaded on the fly
  • new free demo version with Launchpad support

The price of the plugin is 24 EUR (about US$ 29). See the Lauflicht site for details.

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