Live MIDI Performance With The Apple iPad Camera Connection Kit

This video, via CENTRICvideo, takes a look at using MIDI on the iPad, via the Apple iPad Camera Connection Kit.

The CCK works fine, but sticks way out, which could be a risk for live performance. The video explores using a Ziotek Dock Extender to move the CCK adapter away from the iPad, reducing the profile of the connection and decreasing the likelihood of bumping into it and causing problems when performing.

8 thoughts on “Live MIDI Performance With The Apple iPad Camera Connection Kit

  1. This doesn’t solve the CCK’s main problem: your performance shutting down because you’ve discharged your iPad and get the annoying battery warning dialog, bringing all sound/music to a grinding halt.

    We need a cheap, compact, functional CCK with power passthrough like the iRig MIDI.

  2. The big problem with things like the DockStubz (CableJive) adapter is that you can either charge or use the CCK, but not both at the same time! When you plug in power, it disconnects the CCK. Very annoying.

  3. In contrast to most standalone MIDI interfaces for the iPad (Line 6, Yamaha, CCK with USB MIDI interfaces or devices), the iRig MIDI allows you to charge the iPad *while you play*. The Alesis IOdock also allows you to charge *while you play*. As will the upcoming Duet, iConnectMIDI and Behringer iStudio if they ever ship. Unfortunately none of those devices is cheap like the iRig MIDI.

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