Minimal Systems Announces New Eurorack Module


VST developer Minimal Instruments has announced new Eurorack modules.

The first modular is the MSI-001 Signal Processor – a utility module, designed to be at the center of your modular synth setup.

The MSI-001 Eurorack Utility module features:

  • 5 Attenuators for both audio and control voltages
  • 2 switched output attenuators for either audio or control voltages
  • 3 4-way multiples for combining audio or control voltage signals
  • 10 Euro to Banana system (Serge, Buchla etc) signal convertors so that multiple formats can be combined.

Note: The module is currently in prototype form. Pricing and availability are to be announced.

4 thoughts on “Minimal Systems Announces New Eurorack Module

  1. Interesting – I don’t see a common ground for the banana plugs, so I wonder how that will work. They don’t list HP but this looks quite big for a utility module. From the looks of it I could fit 2 X uATT (which would give 6 attenuators), 2 X uFade (2 faders with CV), a Format Jumbler (4X banana to Euro and 4X Euro to 1/4″) and probably a couple of Intellijel mults (4X4 way mults, buff’d or not) in the same space…

      1. Yes, since the module is fully passive, I’d rather have it outside the rack than consuming HPs. Diy attenuators and mults are a fun way to recycle pillboxes or old toys.

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