Live Berlin School Electronic Music Performance

Sunday Synth Jam: Here’s an improvised Berlin School style concert, featuring Hajo Liese, Till Kopper & René van der Wouden.

The goal of this trio’s collaboration, according to van der Wouden, was “to do an improvised electronic music concert like those of the Tangerine Dream in the seventies by some fans.”

The video features some informal footage of the preparations the day before the concert, and then the full concert. The concert footage starts about 24:00 in.

The Venue

The Gasometer in Oberhausen is an unique location. The Oberhausen gasometer, the largest disc-type gas holder in Europe, is an industrial monument located in Oberhausen, Germany. It was constructed between 1927 and 1929. It has a long reverb because of its height 117.5 m (385 ft) and its diameter of 67.6 m (222 ft).

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