AudioShare Update Adds Dropbox, AudioCopy

Developer Jonatan Liljedahl has updated AudioShare – the audio document manager for iOS.

AudioShare lets you record or import audio, using AudioPaste, Dropbox, Itunes and Audiobus and then edit and share it via AudioCopy, SoundCloud, dropbox, iTunes and Audiobus.

Here’s what’s new in AudioShare 2.4:

New features:

  • Integrated Dropbox access! Transfer multiple items to and from your dropbox.
  • Allow deleting items from audio pasteboard to free up RAM.
  • Sonoma AudioCopy: support any file format, not only 16bit 44.1kHz wav
  • Embedded Users Manual, available in info screen.
  • Automatically detect when files are added and removed externally (using iTunes File Sharing, etc.)
  • Allow upside-down portrait on iPhone.
  • Various tweaks and improvements.


  • Reload player correctly after deleting last played file.
  • Fix graphic glitch when choosing destination for moving files.
  • Fix handling of audio session interruptions.

AudioShare is available in the App Store for US $3.99.

4 thoughts on “AudioShare Update Adds Dropbox, AudioCopy

  1. The feature that really appeals, is the ability to delete items from the pasteboard; anyone know of any other apps that offer that?

    1. My sentiments exactly! That and the Trim feature makes this app worth it’s weight. I actually load this app in the output slot in Audiobus by default except if I specifically need to use Loopy for something.

  2. I’m interested in how well the trim function works; I use Hokusai for all my editing needs, but it can be a bit fiddly, especially if you need to zoom right in and edit a specific region. The auto snap to zero crossing can help but if there’s a quicker and easier way, I’m open to suggestions.

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