Ludvig – Space Invaders

Sunday Synth Jam: Here’s a synth jam, via LudvigMusic, that is a synth jam, with all parts played live, recorded and looped with Ableton. No MIDI sequencing or quantization was used (the drum patterns were pre-programmed on Battery).

Technical details below:

Gear list: Korg R3, Roland Sh201, Novation Astation, Waldorf MicroQ, Waldorf Blofeld, Acess VirusB, Oberheim Matrix6, Akai APC40, Akai Synthstation 25, Evolution MK361C, Behringer BCR2000, TC Electronic Finalizer Express, RME Fireface UC.

8 thoughts on “Ludvig – Space Invaders

  1. This just looks like fun. He looks like a normal guy, like your average plumber. but, having fun playing music.
    great job.

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