New Performance Sampler, Protein Der Klang


Developer Pierre Guilluy has released a new performance sampler for iOS, Protein Der Klang.

Protein Der Klang is designed to let you play, record and manipulate audio samples using an intuitive multi-touch interface. You can sample directly from the audio input or import via iTunes Sharing.

Here’s a demo of Protein Der Klang in action:


  • Play with 12 simultaneous samples on the 3 coloured tracks.
  • Scratch, revert, slice, pause, fade & resync up to 4 clips on each track.
  • Play with an effect on each track & a master effect.
  • 5 sound effects: Crusher, Repeater, Delay, Phaser, LP Filter.
  • Import and export your samples and patches using iTunes Sharing.
  • Record live loops from audio-input and internal mixer.
  • Exclusive playback resync feature.
  • BPM-synced clip trigger and playback & metronome.
  • Smart controls for faster actions.
  • Low latency audio engine.
  • 4 fresh demo patches.
  • 140+ audio samples included.
  • Support for 16bit wav samples.
  • Embedded user manual and feedback.

Protein Der Klang is available now for $4.99 in the App Store, for iPad, iPhone & iPod Touch.

If you’ve used Protein Der Klang, let us know what you think of it!

26 thoughts on “New Performance Sampler, Protein Der Klang

  1. Sick. A no brainer @ 2.99. I’m surprised Ableton hasn’t ported Live to iOS yet. This little powerhouse might just make Live obsolete, for me anyway.

    1. Nicely done app – and great to see another developer that pays attention to feedback on their work.

      $4.99 seems like a deal for this – but it’s good to hear that you have plans for additional connectivity, too.

  2. You can use the microphone to record sounds and loops.

    First Audio Copy/Paste then AudioBus are the next goals.

    I’ve started experimenting with Midi but the way it should be integrated isn’t clear yet.

    You can use the samples however you want.

    Thanks for the feedback !

  3. Hi there, I’d like to know about the sample size limits (disk streaming?) And yes, does it have any automation? Sample trimming?

    Also a video showing the sample loading (drag and drop ala BM2?), session loading processes, etc would be cool : )

  4. Excellent for live playing. Could you add the ability to change tempo without affecting pitch ?
    Like the way Loopy HD does ?
    Also, later the ability to change pitch without affecting the tempo ?

  5. You can already deactivate the bpm-sync for a specific clip and choose the pitch you want for it.
    “change tempo without affecting pitch” I guess you mean that the clip adjust its speed but not the tone, right? If so that’s something I’d like to do but still need to figure out.

  6. Thanks for the quick response.
    1. Change the pitch without affecting the tempo(bpm) : I added a loop and selected “sync = off”. When I changed the pitch from 1 to 2, it adjusts the loop’s bpm and it plays faster. The bpm should remain the same. You might want to check out mimicopy app and many other song slow down apps in the app store
    2. Change the tempo(bpm) without affecting the pitch (this is also called “time stretching”) : This is a very important requirement for live playing. Example : mimiCopy, loopy HD and many song slow down apps for ipad.

  7. Here’s an other wish if I may : )

    A kind of granular sampling mode. For example, via a modified version of already available repeater effect, where one could define start and end points of tiny (or not so tiny) sections to be payed with two fingers. Mmm also with some amount of fade in / fade out maybe.

    Another feature I imagine is a queue list for the loops to be loaded in each slot, or having a kind of sleeping slots to be activated later by a sort of “where to jump” ferature to be triggered after a certain number of repeats.

    Well that makes two wishes : )


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