Looping With Ableton Live Jam

Sunday Synth Jam: This video captures a live jam, via Rheyne, with analog keyboards, USB controllers, iOS devices, and Ableton Live.

Nothing was prerecorded.

Technical details:

  • DJ TechTools MIDI Fighter 3D in MF3D Launcher mode
  • KMI QuNeo controlling NI’s Kontakt (drums)
  • DSI MoPho Keyboard
  • Akai APC20
  • M-Audio Oxygen49 controlling NI’s Kontakt (piano)
  • Novation Launchpad
  • Moog Prodigy
  • Fender Rhodes w/ MXR Wylde Overdrive
  • 2x iPads running Lemur
  • iPad running PPG WaveGenerator
  • iTouch running Lemur
  • PreSonus 1818VSL connected to a Macbook Pro

17 thoughts on “Looping With Ableton Live Jam

  1. This is really fantastically impressive, can you please tell me how all your equipemnet is all connected together please!!

  2. Agree with post above. It would be great to get some info on these sessions with not just the gear list but how it’s configured and the creation/organisation of the grooves. I love this site!

  3. musical taste is subjective so let’s hope this is not taken the wrong way, but music imho is a bit on the cheesy new age-y side.
    apart from personal taste, impressive amount of controllers and nice setup.
    a diagram describing all the configuration there would definitely be interesting.

  4. Discchord has posted about his setup, and how it’s configured, and also which apps he uses and how they’re configured. You may have to dig down quite a few pages, but it’s well worth it.

  5. My friends, the rarest of beasts: an electronic musician that actually plays live (as opposed to DJing and people who press play button and wave their hands to the audience). Key phrase: “nothing was pre-recorded”, although using loops is not exactly a crime, obviously! What matters is how you create and/or change sounds on the spot with physical interaction.

    Personally I still rely mostly on loop-mangling augmented by hardware pad and keyboard playing, although I aim to be able to pull off something like Rheyne has done: an entire performance without pre-recorded sounds is definitely a challenge!

  6. Equipment:
    Oxygen 49 controlling Sunrizer on an iPad via an iConnectMIDI
    Akai MPD26 controlling Kontakt
    Akai APC20
    DSI MoPho keyboard
    DJ TechTools MIDI Fighter 3D with “MF3D Launcher” script
    Novation Launchpad
    Moog Prodigy
    Fender Rhodes with an MXR Wylde Overdrive
    Lemur on an iTouch and 2x iPads
    PreSonus 1818VSL
    Macbook Pro running Ableton Live

    This list was taken from one particular performance, so what iOS synths he uses often changes; I know he also uses Nodebeat HD to create drum/synth sequences.

  7. Amazing large amount of negative feedback….I thought this was nicely done….and a rather complicated combination of analog and digital gear. Haters gotta hate I guess…

  8. With regard to how the equipment is connected, I would hazard a guess that it may be a combination of the iConnectMIDI, a powered USB hub, or even an Adhoc network using CoreMIDI – which is easy to set up, stable, and low latency.
    I’m just not sure if the keyboards and controllers he uses are connected via the iConnectMIDI – although I do know that you can connect a USB hub to it, and power up to 8 devices; that would probably be the best and lowest latency way to do it.
    There are just so many ways to connected iOS devices to your studio gear nowadays, it bezerk!

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