Native Instruments Intros Komplete 9, Komplete 9 Ultimate

Native Instruments today announced Komplete 9 – a bundle that includes 33 instruments and effects with six new additions, including the brand-new Monark monosynth, plus the redesigned Battery 4 drum sampler. Komplete 9 Ultimate includes all 65 current Instruments and effects and over 370 GB of content. Each bundle now also features studio effects.

Here are the details:

Monark is a virtual analog monophonic synthesizer for Reaktor. Battery 4 has been re-designed and provides over 70 new kits, tailored to electronic and urban styles.

Komplete 9 also includes:

  • SOLID MIX SERIES now operates as stand-alone plug-ins in any DAW, giving users a complete studio effects suite for creating polished, release-ready productions.
  • SESSION STRINGS is an easy-to-use contemporary string ensemble for quickly adding modern arrangements to all styles of music.
  • THE GIANT delivers the sound of the world’s biggest upright piano.
  • The bundle also features KONTAKT 5, GUITAR RIG 5 PRO, and REAKTOR 5, powering the dynamic PRISM and SPARK.
  • MASSIVE, FM8, and ABSYNTH 5 are also include.
  • TRANSIENT MASTER, REFLEKTOR, THE FINGER, and TRAKTOR’S 12 for a complete production suite with powerful options for both studio and stage.

Here’s what they have to say about Komplete 9 Ultimate:

KOMPLETE 9 ULTIMATE is NI’s all-inclusive production package with all 65 current KOMPLETE Instruments and Effects at the time of release, over 16,000 sounds, and 370 GB of content on a single USB hard drive for easy installation. This one-stop production suite features all products included in KOMPLETE 9, plus the REVERB CLASSICS and PREMIUM TUBE SERIES studio effects, the essential cinematic strings collection ACTION STRINGS, the playable horn section SESSION HORNS, and the Rickenbacker®-approved SCARBEE RICKENBACKER BASS. Also included are the epic DAMAGE industrial percussion instrument, the 11-piece SESSION STRINGS PRO ensemble, the futuristic RAZOR and SKANNER XT synthesizers, and many more. Providing world-class sound and ease of use for all producers, composers, musicians, and sound designers, KOMPLETE 9 ULTIMATE’s collection of premium instruments and effects redefines value in a bundle of this size.

Komplete 9 is available for pre-order for US $559 / 499 EUR. KOMPLETE 9 ULTIMATE is available for US $1099 / 999 EUR. Updates for owners of KOMPLETE 2 through 8 are available from $149 / 149 EUR.

22 thoughts on “Native Instruments Intros Komplete 9, Komplete 9 Ultimate

  1. Ableton should take note at the sane upgrade price…

    But seriously, the Komplete pack has an awesome bang for the buck. I got it a year ago and I’m still discovering new sounds. It would take more time then I have to completely explore this beast.

  2. I’m excited about Monark . I think NI just needs to make their own DAW. They’ve done everything else. DAW is the only thing that’s missing. Imagine all their plug-ins tightly integrated with a DAW and Reaktor built right into it, like Max for Live. That would make Komplete complete!

    1. I use Komplete 8 with Maschine and the ease of browsing sounds, instruments and effects is seriously fantastic. I use Ableton as my main DAW, and Push looks interesting but the integration of K8 with Maschine will be very hard to beat. I think as Maschine continues to develop (especially the sequencer) it will steadily move into DAW territory, maybe Maschine 2.0 will herald this transition.

  3. To be honest, I’m a bit disappointed that there is no Absynth 2 or a Massive 2. Monark looks really nice – and I like Reaktor. Yet I would have rather seen Monark as an independent plugin.

    I know, this might still be coming, but somehow I feel that they should have included these new filter algorithms in new versions of their existing synths and not make a completely new product. Same goes for Skanner XT (yep, it’s already been out for a while) – I can’t help but think that this wave scanning process should rather be a part of Absynth 2…

    Anyway, I am still thinking about updating my Komplete 7 nevertheless 😉

  4. So what is actually new other than Monark and Battery 4? FWIW, the NI web site is showing my upgrade price as $149 from (in)Komplete 8 to 9. The Battery update would be nice, and I’m sure Monark is great, but after using Diva for a while I’m not real motivated to check it out.

    1. Korg abandoned the Kaoss Pad 3 and Kaossilator Pro only to replace them with + version instead of updating the current crop (which they could’ve done because the hardware is similar).

      Apple abandoned the iPad1 and iPod Touch 1G to 4G (and soon will abandon the iPad2), and all their computers made before 2008.

      Most cars only have a 1 year warranty, yet my 30 years old Technics turntable still runs sweet.

      … so, who do you give your money to? 😉

  5. Quote:
    Komplete 9 is available for pre-order for US $559 / 499 EUR. KOMPLETE 9 ULTIMATE is available for US $1099 / 999 EUR. Updates for owners of KOMPLETE 2 through 8 are available from $149 / 149 EUR.

    NI has a curious exchange rate: For Komplete 9 you have to pay 499 EUR or 559 USD. 559 USD = 430 EUR! The update goes for 149 EUR or 149 USD. 149 USD = 115 EUR!

  6. NI has a curious exchange rate:
    For Komplete 9 you have to pay 499 EUR or 559 USD. The update goes for 149 EUR or 149 USD. But 559 USD = 430 EUR and 149 USD = 115 EUR (

  7. I would rather buy one decent monosynth with lots of knobs on it than 75,000 plasticky sounds that I could only access by turning on my laptop…..

  8. If your looking for cool stuff go to Twisted Tools .I got S-Layer and its a Reaktor based tool and very usefull.glad and sad to say I have everything in the new 9 and really don’t need to upgrade .check out Hollow Sun Kontakt stuff

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